YOU pick the voice of WOOL!

I’m thinking of commissioning an audiobook version of the WOOL Omnibus. That means choosing a narrator. There’s a ton to choose from, and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun browsing human voices.

Does this link work?

If so, dive in and give me your feedback.

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  1. One name: Wil Wheaton.

  2. Theres a guy named Hobie WOOLen… Coincidence??? I would also suggest the man that did the narration for the game Bastion. His name is Logan Cunningham.


    This is the first one that stuck out to me as sounding right. I tried to imagine who could deliver the first line of WOOL and do it the justice it deserves :)

  4. james earl jones…ooooweee

  5. Mary: I like his Brian Aldiss audition!

  6. I don’t have a name for you but I MUCH prefer deep and male voices with plain American accents. I have difficulty understanding other accents and high sensitivity to noise (in general noises must be soft/soothing) which is related to neurological disease. It’s all just my preference of course.

  7. I did too, I think he has a good rhythm, which is really important.

    Just throwing this out there: When I do get audiobooks I always look for a version read by the author.

  8. Susan: I LOVE his “Western” voice.

  9. Well, I am too indecisive but just remember, there are girls in this book… one of them is a main character for the second half… So I suggest, look for someone who can do a good, clear and noticeable girls voice or pick a girl… now that I think about it, isn’t most of Wool Omnibus in a females perspective?

  10. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to tell if it’s a guy or girls talking especially when there is a conversation between the two that goes for a while… It has actually stopped me from finishing a couple of audio books…

  11. Sorry for the multi-posts… (Again, please someone post before I click submit… *Fingers Crossed*)

    I was just thinking, what you should do is find someone who you would want to do Jule’s voice and use her BUT I also think that the first part, Wool 1, Hugh, you should do it, why? Well, when you were writing Wool 1 and coming up with the dialogue and you would repeat the lines back in your head for Holston (Sorry if I am messing up the names… but I am trying to remember what I want to say…) and you would think to your self “Perfect, that sounds right” it was in your voice and no one else’s… so who would be more perfect to do the introduction to the Wool Universe than the one person who knows the most about the Wool Universe… Bob Ross… I mean you, Hugh…

    1. Okay, maybe I’ll record myself reading the first Wool as Holston. See how atrocious it is. And then maybe do a female voice for the rest.

      But I don’t see it going well.

  12. There were so many samples that I wouldn’t even know where to start. You might want to reach out to Neil Gaiman. He has been helping to pair authors and narrators for his label on Audible. He has posted general advice to authors and has been a proponent in general of authors having the final say. If he is interested in including your book on his label, you could also increase exposure to more listeners.

  13. I also agree with maybe narrowing down to female narrators that have enough range that they can also cover the male characters.

  14. Would you be open to different voices for the different books? I was thinking Carol Schneider ( could be good for book 2, and Tavia Gilbert ( for books 3-5. I’d think a male voice for book 1 would be best and I think Kenneth Campbell would work well for that.

  15. What no Charlie Sheen, after his drama you should be able to get him for a steal!

  16. Wow Bob, are you like, you know, Satan? I mention your name and BOOM here you are… XP

  17. Minnie Goode had a voice that I thought was a good fit in general and with a nice male read for Henry in the Time Travelers Wife.

  18. Yeah, I like Tavia Gilbert for Jules. I’m listening to the second book down.

    1. Famous last words. Minnie Goode’s narration of your amazing series was atrocious. The only book I’ve ever had audible refund. :(

  19. Kitten - not logged in Avatar
    Kitten – not logged in

    Cant remember my password and I am out doing this on my phone…
    But yes, I do think you ‘doing a female voice for the rest’ probably wouldn’t turn out well… XP

  20. Nathan Lowell, not even kidding. If your not going to take a run at it yourself.
    And podcast that sumbitch, one agonizing section at a time.

  21. Don Reece, I think it was? He was in the link you had. Kind of a non-flowery mid-western voice that’s easy to listen to – but not too Kevin Costner.

  22. But yeah, I vote for Minnie…

  23. Oh yes, Minnie would be perfect.

  24. Having been at your book reading…I would really like it if you and amber would record it…..just saying. I would be very inclined to purchase that……..

  25. I wonder what Matthew McConaughey would charge? He took over the voice of the “Beef. Its what’s for dinner” radio narration and I am very impressed with the results. Just send him an Omnibus and get him hooked on the series and he’d probably do it for free!

    Seriously though…If the $$$ would work, he’d be great.

  26. But if Matthew happens to be busy on other projects…

    … my vote goes for Hugh Howey narration for the first book and then see how it goes.

  27. There are so many…I just think it should be a female.

  28. And I like the idea of you, Hugh Howey, doing the 1st book…

  29. Nicole Quinn seems to have quite a range of styles.

  30. Another completely different direction would be to go with a “grandpa” style narration.

  31. a blatant plug for my daughter

  32. Dan: Can you try that link again?

  33. Leonard Nimoy!

  34. I think it should be a woman… Debbie Grattan, for example… I found a real connection with Julliette and think only a woman’s voice would convincingly achieve that connection through audio… IMHO

  35. Although I often like male voices there seems to be a lot of female perspectives. I would prefer NO accent. I’m very excited about this :). Thank you

  36. Aurelien d'Anglejan Avatar
    Aurelien d’Anglejan

    Scott Brick (probably expensive but worth it). for samples.. Also make sure your book gets supported by as it will get a lot of exposure.

    Good luck!

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