Wiki me up!

Calling all WOOL fans and Silo denizens! Your spare time at work is needed. One of my many enterprising readers, a Mr. Ross, has been slaving away to put up a Wiki page for your favorite dystopian series. The back and forth between him and the powers-that-be at Wikipedia has been epic. It looks like the page has finally passed their rigorous litmus test of legitimacy and now needs you to make it shine.

Anyone can edit a Wiki page. Add to the plot synopsis, post a link to a blog review, add a section about the input and power you all as readers have had on this series. Do whatever you want, it’s your Wiki!

4 responses to “Wiki me up!”

  1. If the Wiki page looks weird, it’s because that link goes to the mobile version of the page. This is the generic link:

  2. You know, yeah, a wiki page is awesome… but I think that you need a Wiki… one to answer questions about the Silo’s and the Molly universe…

  3. […] 2012 occurred a month after the article was created (by a fan), and the author Hugh Howey himself encouraged other fans to edit the page on his blog. This is what perhaps led to an individual in the talk page claiming the article “Reads like […]

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