5 Things Authors Don’t Fully Appreciate

Some of you might find this guest blog I wrote interesting.

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  1. Great post Hugh. Couldn’t agree more with the last point. Even in the traditional/self-pub argument, it totally seems ignored that the larger battle (if you could even call it that), is keeping people reading instead of watching Netflix or playing Angry Birds. For most of us, it only took one good book to make us readers for life. Let’s keep promoting the best books, whatever their source, and we’ll all do just fine.

  2. Great post Hugh! I couldn’t agree more. It’s absolutely amazing what the digital era has done for us. There are so many books that I get to read now that I never would’ve gotten the chance to read due to the expense of a paperback or hardback, not to mention that I’ve filled up 3 sets of bookshelves (stacked in every way imaginable to make the most of space) and that I’ve bins of books in storage. Buyer’s remorse no more!

  3. As a reader, your points 2 and 3 struck home with me. I stopped buying books at whim years ago due to shelf clutter. Last November I bought my first eReader (Kindle) so I could take a large amount of reading material on vacation, and have since purchased many dozens of books. At first I was shopping for reasonably priced books with good overall reviews (which is how I found the Wool omnibus). Once I started getting sucked back into the joy of reading my regret threshold rose and price was less important. Having 20+ books I’ve paid for waiting in the queue does not bother me. I believe I’ll get around to them, if only I’d stop buying new titles every week!

    By the way, I bought your entire catalog after finishing Wool and Shift. Among your other works, I have truly enjoyed the Molly Fyde Saga and am eagerly awaiting book 5. I’d consider it a personal favor if you could finish the last 7 percent by early next year! =:-)

    1. Ha! The last 7% is always the hardest. But I’ll get back to it soon.

  4. You seem to grasp a lot about this, like you wrote the ebook on it or something. A fantastic read.

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