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The Greatest Music Video Ever Made

And there will never be a greater one.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield does a cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity . . . in outer space

Also: Does anyone see a resemblance to a certain TV character? Is NASA cooking meth beyond the mesosphere?

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Better than Ave Maria in the Sistine Chapel, better than Poncho and Lefty at the Grand Ole Opry, but now I want to see someone sing Rocket Man at launch.

Wow that is epic! I actually kinda wanted to cry given that I think Bowie’s song Space Oddity is kind of sad and melancholy already and then throwing in the fact that this is a real man in outer space seeing the earth in a way we will never get to. Absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this.

Probably a music program on his laptop like Reason or Logic would do the trick.

Also, in zero G’s, fretting guitar chords is extremely difficult. You’re trying to land your fingers in the right spot and the guitar keeps moving position on you. Not to mention the effects of zero G’s on one’s voice. The nostrils get a bit plugged because they don’t clear resulting in a whinier voice. If he recored this one earth, I imagine it would sound different.

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