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One week from today, WOOL should be in bookstores near you. Another cover idea that missed the cut:

I love this one. So haunting. I’m thinking this one and the one from yesterday need to be printed out and hung up in my office. On the ceiling, probably, as I’ve run out of space on the walls.

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  1. Good thing this one didn’t make the cut because it’s scary and I wouldn’t have bought it! ;P

  2. I kind of agree with Brandon. I think this one makes Wool look like a completely different kind of story and not one that I would buy, but it is a cool cover .

  3. These alternative covers are great. I don’t suppose there is any way that they could be made available as posters?

      1. Third it!!

  4. williamjacques@gmail.com Avatar

    Wow! This one is haunting. Love it!

  5. Doesn’t exactly say “Wool” to me.

  6. Make that little girl’s face the face of a “correct” cleaning suit and you would have something awesome.

  7. Oooh, creepy :) Your post reminded me of my childhood room. Until I left for college I had posters on every inch of the wall, and the ceiling. I also had little nails across a whole wall, each with a baseball cap hanging from it. I’m so excited for you Hugh. This release is going to be so cool! I can’t wait to go see a copy in a bookstore.

  8. Got to agree with the comments above – this is a great cover, but it says “horror” similar to Carrie, rather than science fiction.

  9. Great cover. Really captures quite a bit of the whole story in one image.

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