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The Book Release Countdown – 8

Eight days until the official release of WOOL in the US and Germany. One week from tomorrow. I can hardly stand it.

Counting down the process will be a series of insider posts, crazy media mentions, and super-secret cover mock-ups from Random House UK’s Jason Smith, the amazing artist who designed the red WOOL cover being used by both Random House and Simon and Schuster. These concepts are rarely seen by the public, but I begged the team to share, and so here goes the first one.

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Thanks for sharing Hugh. That is an awesome cover concept. I love how it’s a concept but it’s fully developed and looks amazing! Congrats on the release of your book into the wild via paper through publishers, and thanks for helping pave this brave new world for us newb writers!

Ooooooo…. Love the simplicity of it. Did someone suggest “Posters”? I’m gonna have to get a job soon.

I’d buy posters. Probably the only thing I’d consider putting next to my Doctor Who poster. Well, maybe Stargate too.

I believe the red cover is best for the release into the wild, but this cover is hauntingly beautiful. Please keep it around for your second edition release.

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