A Busy Week

All kinds of stuff going on this week. A quick round-up:

An interview with Jason Gurley is easily the most in-depth that I’ve ever done.

Another interview with Michael Bunker is easily the most serious I’ve ever done.

A great write-up on the Silo Thumb Drives with tons of reader comments.

Oh, and tonight is the reader meet-up here in Boston. Details below.

2 responses to “A Busy Week”

  1. Hi Hugh! It has been quite some time since I came to your website, and WOW!, it has changed! Everything looks great!

    I was really happy to see that you are almost done with the next Molly book! Any ideas when you will be releasing it yet?

    I am just about finished with reading Dust- I just haven’t had time since the school year started back up!

    Hope things are going well on your end!

  2. Dude, you ever coming up to Canada? We’d love to have you, eh . . .

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