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A Busy Week

All kinds of stuff going on this week. A quick round-up:

An interview with Jason Gurley is easily the most in-depth that I’ve ever done.

Another interview with Michael Bunker is easily the most serious I’ve ever done.

A great write-up on the Silo Thumb Drives with tons of reader comments.

Oh, and tonight is the reader meet-up here in Boston. Details below.

2 replies to “A Busy Week”

Hi Hugh! It has been quite some time since I came to your website, and WOW!, it has changed! Everything looks great!

I was really happy to see that you are almost done with the next Molly book! Any ideas when you will be releasing it yet?

I am just about finished with reading Dust- I just haven’t had time since the school year started back up!

Hope things are going well on your end!

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