Get Ready, Boston!

This’ll be my first time in Boston. Ever. And it’s going to be an awesome time with all that Watertown Public Library has in store. Hope to see some of you at the meet-up or at the library. Check here for all the details.

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  1. Crickets. Don’t you have any Boston-area fans?

  2. I believe the correct pronunciation is “EVA”

    1. Actually, it’s “EVAH!” :-)

  3. Boston-area fan! I’ll be there. Especially looking forward to your “So you want to be an author?” talk.

  4. NH fan here. I’ll be at the meet & greet!

  5. […] Hugh Howey comes to Boston. Hugh Howey is a sci-fi writer who is massively popular. I’m not quite sure why. Clearly people like his stories. And he’s one of those self-publishing success stories. His writing style leaves something to be desired. Too many words. Even one of the commenters at Amazon says that Howey’s descriptions of things often go on to long and that reader has gotten in the habit of skipping over those parts. Hmmm. Whatever happened to editors? […]

    1. It isn’t go on “to” long. The correct spelling is “too” long. I’m not certain about “gotten.” I use the word in speech all the time, and don’t consider its proper grammatical form. :)

    2. That comment went on forever.

  6. Hugh,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for taking so much of your time and spending the day with us. I was so happy with the experience, I think I talked my husband’s ear off for a good hour and a half once I got back.

    I was also so inspired by what you had to say with the questions and answers during brunch, as well as during the “So You Wanna Be An Author?” program, that I came home and wrote another 1700 words!


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