A Double Daily Deal!

I think Amazon’s servers are keeping tabs on my word count for DUST. To put some pressure on me to write faster, both WOOL and SHIFT are Kindle Daily Deals today. That lowers the price to $1.99 for each book. I’d call that a steal . . . except that both books are all over the torrentz and warez sites. Let’s just say it’s reasonably affordable.

And here’s the real trick: If you have the ebook, the full audiobook is only 99 cents! Which means you could get the full recording for three bucks. Insane in the membrane.

Maybe it’s a sign that I think my books are overpriced that I rarely urge people to buy them. But at $1.99, it feels like a good deal. And if you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read the thing on any device. There are apps for that. Or, since the book is DRM-free, convert it to whichever format you prefer. But get them while they’re cheap!

(You should also snag Stephanie Bond’s book, Our Husband, while it’s only 99 cents. Stephanie and I will be sharing a booth at BEA this year. She’s one of the bestselling and coolest indie authors around!)

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  1. Hugh,

    Just got a call from my mom this morning. I read the Observer article. Your comments made me laugh. “I read better books all the time” Great article and I’m happy for you. Email me when you get a chance and lets catch up. I’m grabbing Veronica’s Kindle this morning and getting Wool.
    Take care,


    1. Hey David! Check your email.

  2. Your books are definitely not overpriced! The Silo Saga is among the best I’ve ever read. You have taken a genre that grew tired years ago and managed to make it fresh and new. Your characters and their world are well developed and engaging. In Shift you pulled off another amazing feat in moving us back and forth in time and space, while managing to keep it comprehensible. I paid full price for the Omnibus editions of both Wool and Shift and thought they were a steal at that price! I visit you here at least a couple of times per week to check on your progress with Dust. I am waiting with bated breath for the release!

  3. Thank you SO much for making these books DRM-free. I just finished the Wool Omnibus and loved it, and was looking forward to reading Shift. A friend told me it was on sale at Amazon and I got very sad, because I have an ePub-only device. The books are not overpriced, but my budget is overtaxed. So thank you again, and I look forward to reading more of your amazing work!

    1. My pleasure! Calibre is your friend. ;)

  4. William Van Winkle Avatar
    William Van Winkle

    Just snagged the Shift omnibus, even though I already own 1 and 2. Great deal!

    I do most of my reading on audio, so I was really stoked to see a 99 cent price tag, but does that require a new subscription to Audible to get that price?

    Last tidbit: I just discovered that not only does my local library own 18 copies of the Wool omnibus, it also owns two lendable Kindles preloaded with the same. Considering how the series got started, it seems very appropriate to see the story going out to new readers in this way.

    1. Cool info!

      And I don’t know how the 99 cent deal works. I have an Audible membership, so it just shows up at that price for me.

  5. But what I want to know is when are the highly under-priced, autographed copies of your non-Wool books coming back? I had decided to add HWH to my collection right as you pulled them to retool.

  6. So your passing this info on to all of us who already have all your stuff, with the exception of seeing the movie. By the way my three cats are still waiting for the call to play Solo’s buddy, or are you going to try to pass Bella off as a cat, really she’s that good of an actress?

    PS: When does the video game comeout?

    1. I’m hoping for a board game! Like Chutes and Ladders.

      1. Actually in the Uk it is Snakes and Ladders. I think it must be Indian. Sort of like the game Ludo that you call Pachisi. Can’t wait to see a giant Silo on a board with a spiral staircase we have to go up and down. Please no “go outside and clean” cards.

  7. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
    Patrice Fitzgerald

    Aaaaand… it’s at #2! I’m FBing and tweeting my heart out… would love to get you right to the top!

  8. Bought shift. Is it wrong that I have been holding out on it because I enjoyed the mystery if not knowing how the world was put in that state? I’m actually nervous to read it.

  9. Peter Cawdron Avatar


    What do you to about torrents & piracy in general. Damn, it’s disheartening when a 99c ebook like Monsters is torrented. I guess it’s a backhanded compliment, but honestly, it’s the cost of a packet of chewing gum for untold hours spent thumping away at a keyboard. That someone can’t shell out even a buck tends to suggest they won’t read it anyway. Do you see it as a case of any advertising is good advertising? That’s the only plus I can take from piracy.


    1. I don’t worry about it. I’d be more worried if my books weren’t on the torrentz. My thought is this: Most pirates steal in order to collect stuff. If they actually make the time to read the work and they like it, that’s good for us. It’s like someone borrowing a book from a friend. I really don’t think it impacts us all that much. And there’s nothing we can do about it, anyway.

  10. Caethes Faron Avatar

    Picked up the audiobook for my hubby. Why the change in narrator? Is this one done by your publisher and the original by you? I tried to find the one with Minnie Goode narrating, but it’s no longer available.

    1. I think the Minnie Goode version is still there on Amazon. You have to look under “other formats,” I think.

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