A Happy Day

These are my favorite days, these days when a new project is released into the wild. It’s killing me to be at work-work and not home to savor every Tweet, FB comment, review, ranking, etc. My mind is simply blown at how many of you seemed to have been waiting for this story. Ten hours after release, and two reviews are already up. Thank you so much for this, everyone. The rush of endorphins I feel right now is more than sufficient to see me through another heavy bout of writing.

Also, I’m glad I didn’t wait until February 8th to release WOOL 5. Tomorrow is my last day at the bookstore, and let me tell you: it’s a nerve-wracking venture to leave a day job and pursue a career as a writer. What if the next thing stinks? What if the sales go away immediately? I have no guarantee that I won’t be back to square one by March.

So today was important for me. I feel good about this. Thanks again for all the support and kudos; they are the very things that will help me through my next project.*



*Which will probably suck, you’ll hate, will never sell, and I’ll be begging for my old job back.

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  1. All 4 Wool books are in the top 20 science fiction sellers on Amazon right now. Waiting for Wool 5 to get there,too. Congratulations!

    1. We are a demanding bunch, aren’t we? ;)

  2. I am definitely excited to see what you produce with the ability to go full time! Everything I’ve read so far has been great! Good luck with your new adventure!

  3. Ha, doubt the next series will suck balloons. You’re on a roll so just keep doing what you’re doing.

  4. The moment at which you start writing to please readers as opposed to writing to tell the stories your brain is insisting that you share is the moment at which you start sucking.

  5. Let me take my last comment and back it up a bit. There are SO many things I *wish* Juliette hadn’t gone through–out for Cleaning? NO! Survived the cleaning? SERIOUSLY? Major deep water work? GO TO HELL!

    But every step had me pulling on my hair, chewing my nails, and wondering WTF would happen next.
    THIS is what good fiction is.

  6. So there definitely *is* a moment when I’ll start sucking, right?

  7. So excited (and jealous) about your new career! After reading the first Wool, I have been reading each of your books and am enjoying them more and more! I would LOVE a sequel for Half Way Home, and holy cannoli! The Plagiarist is one of my new favorites. SO good!

    That being said, I know that anything you write from now on will definitely be worth whatever price you decide to start charging us. We are now at your mercy!

  8. Also, enjoy your final day of work!

    PS- I am even jealous of your work- I would LOVE to work in a book store (or start my own….)

    1. Yeah, starting my own bookstore is a dream. I just need to win the lottery so I can gradually lose money all day without going completely broke. :)

  9. That must be a satisfying feeling to quit your day job to become a full-time author. Congratulations on this turning point in your life and for completing a great fiction series.

  10. Just got book 5 and I can’t wait to read it :D (starting now)!! And congrats on a job well done and what I am sure will be a long-lasting and successful writing career!!

    1. Thanks, Jessica. I hope it lasts another year, at least. I’m trying not to be too greedy; I just want one more year of people reading and digging what I write. :)

  11. Finding you is like finding a gold nugget. From now on I will use Pay Pal to help keep you in human dog food. Just downloaded #5 from amazon.

    1. Thanks, Don! I really appreciate the encouragement and support. Enjoy that #5!

  12. Ah, you snuck this one out early, eh? Bought it, can’t wait to read it this today / tomorrow. Thank you, Hugh!

  13. Just finished #5. Such a great series! I have just finished 3 series back-to-back-to-back. Dragon Tatoo/HungerGames/Wool. Wool was by far my favorite! It was so easy to get hooked on your story, I’m glad i just started and didn’t have to wait for #5, right when i finished 4 was the day you released 5. Waiting would have been quite painful. I already have everyone I know reading Wool. Ingenious to make the first one a shorty, haha suck em right in! Thanks again man, I have a favorite writer. Never thought I would say that in my lifetime! Sooooo…..whats up with silo 40? ;)

  14. Dragon Tattoo etc. was work, but worth it. Hunger Games rocked (please, God, don’t let the movies suck ass). The WOOL series had me making odd yipping/screeching noises and throwing things across the room (that you didn’t have to wait for the release of 5 makes me hate you a little).

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