Let the Alphabet Soup of Speculation Begin!

So, I woke up this morning to find yet another email from a TV channel comprised of three letters. They want to talk with me this week, on the phone, about turning WOOL into a TV show.

On the inside, I’m freaking out a little. On the outside, I just wet myself.

10 responses to “Let the Alphabet Soup of Speculation Begin!”

  1. I’ve already started a mental list of required elements of such a TV show….

  2. Awesome… I’ve been picturing it as a series on A network, Maybe on Cable.

    I don’t think you would have to tweak it much as it is to fit as a tv series

  3. Thank God you said 3 letters. I was afraid it was going to be Fox News or CSPAN.

  4. clarksl@appstate.edu Avatar

    Hugh, I am noticing a pattern of you wetting yourself recently, sooooo Maybe AMAZON will give you a deal on Depends Adult diapers… so that you can look “cool” on the outside… a wet spot might not be good for negotiations…


    1. It’s part of getting older!

  5. Probably dreaming, and this kind of thing would seem atypical for them, but HBO would be my hope, excepting the ludicrous Ros scenes I love what they did with Game of Thrones.

  6. Hugh

    I just finished Wool 1 and loved it, definitely plan to finish the series. Started Half Way Home and found it instantly riveting.

    Congrat’s on the success and notoriety, well deserved.


  7. Thanks, Dave! That means a lot. I hope you enjoy the rest of WOOL.

  8. I agree with darwinfish above. I think HBO would handle your work with care. There are some other cable networks I would be careful of. But if AMC’s success with Walking Dead is an indicator, I would love to see how they would handle WOOL. They seem to have at least one post apoc winner. CONGRATS!

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