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Let the Alphabet Soup of Speculation Begin!

So, I woke up this morning to find yet another email from a TV channel comprised of three letters. They want to talk with me this week, on the phone, about turning WOOL into a TV show.

On the inside, I’m freaking out a little. On the outside, I just wet myself.

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Awesome… I’ve been picturing it as a series on A network, Maybe on Cable.

I don’t think you would have to tweak it much as it is to fit as a tv series

Probably dreaming, and this kind of thing would seem atypical for them, but HBO would be my hope, excepting the ludicrous Ros scenes I love what they did with Game of Thrones.


I just finished Wool 1 and loved it, definitely plan to finish the series. Started Half Way Home and found it instantly riveting.

Congrat’s on the success and notoriety, well deserved.


I agree with darwinfish above. I think HBO would handle your work with care. There are some other cable networks I would be careful of. But if AMC’s success with Walking Dead is an indicator, I would love to see how they would handle WOOL. They seem to have at least one post apoc winner. CONGRATS!

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