A New York Encore!

No, I’m not dancing in Times Square again. I can’t do that without my little sis along to give me company, strength, and an increased sense of timing.

This second take is all about meeting up with you all! In just a few days, I’ll be touching down in the Big Apple. I’d love to sit and sip a cold one and chat about what the hell ever. Last time, we had 8 or so readers show up, and it was a blast. We talked about what they did for a living, kids, favorite books, the city, all kinds of stuff. I think we chilled for almost two hours. Still, it seemed to fly by.

This time, we’ll be hanging out at Lillie’s Victorian Bar and Restaurant. Come join us on Wednesday the 30th. I’m going to try and be there by 8:00, and I’ll probably hang out until 10:30 or so. Lillie’s is right near Union Square, on 17th between 5th and Broadway. I’m going to beg superstar author Jonathan Hayes to join me, but he’ll likely decline. Such outings are beneath men of his stature.

5 responses to “A New York Encore!”

  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. Since you are so close now you should come hang out in Orlando soon! You know, whenever you have a couple seconds to breathe or whatever.

  3. Sounds like fun. Count me in!

  4. Katharine Houston Avatar
    Katharine Houston

    I work right near by and hope to be stopping to say hi with my husband. I got him to read Wool Omnibus (and a few other friends as well).

  5. Gonna try to come.I LOOOOOOV the wool series!!! Congrats on all your success!

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