No. Freakin’. WAY!

This takes book promoting to new heights (har). If you’re not grinning at the halfway point, you’re probably an alien. Who hates people who litter space.

Watch the entire thing. And then go grab the book. It’s outside in your tree.

6 responses to “No. Freakin’. WAY!”

  1. Buying the book to celebrate this great idea to launch! With luck, will enjoy the read.

  2. All book launches should look like this.

  3. Awesome! What if it landed on the road?

    I launched a balloon like that back in the early 90’s with a mail order catalog of a company I started back then…. but never recovered the balloon.

  4. For the launch of the video game Mass Effect 3 they launched 50 balloons like that with games attached to them and GPS transponders, so you could track them and pick up a free copy before the release date. very cool idea!

  5. That’s certainly different and creative.

    However, I’m sorry to report that there’s also a typo in the few captions that appear.

    P.S. Yes, I am a proofreader (and an author). Things like typos jump out at me even if I try to ignore them.

  6. The launch is awesome. The title, on the other hand… well, I suppose it appeals to its YA audience.

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