A Nice Spoof from Jasper Schreurs!

Funny because it’s *not* true!


9 responses to “A Nice Spoof from Jasper Schreurs!”

  1. Off topic, but did you realize that you’ve got the #1 rated ebook in ALL of Kindle fiction? #1! Holy cow!

  2. #1 of 472,836!!! Wow, just wow…. Congratulations on that!

  3. Nah. That’s #1 in Fiction –> Science Fiction –> High Tech, isn’t it?? Not that that’s anything to sniff at, you understand, but I don’t think it’s all of fiction. Screen shot, or it ain’t real!!

  4. That’s #1 on the Top Rated list, not the Bestselling list. Which is arguably more prestigious… who cares about sales, anyway?

    1. That book on top is a great one. I’ve read though parts of it while working in the bookstore.

  5. Ah! I get it, Gromit! And you’re absolutely right about the prestige factor!

  6. Just to correct my last post, it is #1 Fiction and #3 overall:


    Take that screen shot Hugh!

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