The Original Covers

Man, I wish I’d thought this through. I had no idea the original Wool and Omnibus covers would be so desirable. Had I an ounce of wisdom or foresight, I would have ordered 100 of each before I changed the art around. *sigh*

I have two of them left. One is mine and the other is my wife’s. I was thinking about doing some sort of mega contest to give my wife’s away–

Just kidding. It would be mine. I don’t have a death wish, promise. If you have any ideas for some kind of giveaway, let me know. Or tell me that I’m crazy for considering it.

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  1. Ah, I sort of wish that I had the foresight to also get a signed copy of the original as well. It’s difficult to order more once you’ve changed to a second or third addition? Is that how collector’s items work? *sadly sobs*

  2. Editions. Bleh. The combination of the early morning and sad reality was too much for my mind to process correct spelling.

  3. Keep them both, for sure.

    As you may recall, I *did* have the foresight to have you send me all 5 of the original books signed, and I *told* you at that point that they would be highly collectible and I wanted to make sure I had a set before you changed everything around. Sadly, I neglected to get the original cover Omnibus, because I had it on my Kindle already, and money is tight. But really….it’s not like we didn’t see this coming, kiddo.

    The thing that’s freaking me out right now is that I have the original covers on the set I bought for my library, and I’m wondering if they’re going to become a real theft risk. LOL

  4. Well, you are crazy, I will say that… But… Well… As for an idea… How about a banner comp… people design something for the title bar up top and the best one wins, goes up there and gets the book? Or something like that…

  5. OR the 10000 copy of the omnibus someone orders through you gets your copy instead…

  6. Keep them, that way I can get even more money for mine on Ebay. Ha.

  7. sjosephm, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that comment! *sends you outside*

  8. Wow, I’m glad I got a signed one when I did! I also say keep them. You go well above and beyond for your fans currently, and you keeping your personal copy isn’t going to change that. Even if I didn’t already have one I would say keep it, you deserve it above everyone else. It is YOUR book after all.

  9. I was just kicking myself (quite litterally….should have taken pictures), for not ordering a set of the original covers.

    You’re crazy for even mentioning that you have two left. Even if she says it’s ok for you to have a mega-super-fan contest to give her copy away, trust me it isn’t. And your copy needs to be framed on the wall along with a copy of the Ridley Scott contract.

    How about this for an idea: release a limited run for each of 5 different covers enticing us to “collect them all!” The 5th could only be available in a special edition box of WOOL Flakes breakfast cereal. Sadly, yes I work in marketing.

  10. Sadly, I only ever purchased the ebooks (wanting to cut down on “things” in the house). Only now that I can’t get it, do I realize that I want the original physical books. Have I been brainwashed or what? Where can I find those blue pills to help forget my “need” ??

    Unless you want me to hang on to it for you while you move, you should probably keep it.

  11. Don’t do it!

    One thing less to pack (and unpack) may appeal at the moment, but I strongly suspect you would probably regret letting go of these bits of your history at some point.

  12. When I first read WOOL, I was confident that you were well on your way to great things. I figured I’d buy a signed copy of the first book just to hang on to, a souvenir of following you from the beginning. I thought at the time that you’d stop offering the signed books when you started getting big sales. Of course, I see now that you’re a better guy than that, but I’m still happy to have my signed first edition here on the shelf!

  13. On a side note, is there a way to get my post to show my name, rather than my username? It’s been showing Justin Williams, but with the new login requirement it’s not doing it anymore.

    1. I wish I knew how the comments work. This is my site, and I feel lost around here. Maybe you could change your username? Or re-register with your real name? I have no idea.

  14. I’ll give it a shot. I know that changing my forum name had no effect. I’m all for the login requirement being back, just have to figure out how to work within the new rules!

    1. Not a SINGLE bit of spam to delete today! I just hope it doesn’t cut the commenting down too much. :(

  15. Spamless is good. Keep your copies, Hugh. If one was lost or damaged you’d be out of luck and sad.

  16. This should serve as a warning to all: get your signed originals of the Molly Fydes, The Hurricane, First Shift, etc., before Jasper creates new covers and these treasured collectors’ editions are no longer available!

  17. Don’t be crazy. Keep it. (said selflessly, I’d kill to have it myself)

  18. While you guys fight over original covers… I want a signed manuscript in all it’s glorious computer paper form. Eyes on the prize!

  19. Hope you mastered that autograph, cuz there’s gonna be lots more signed copies to come.

  20. Yeah I really wanted an original Wool for fathers day…any chance of making more?

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