A Night at the Hugos

The Hugo Awards were even cooler than I thought they’d be. John Scalzi was hilarious and in amazing form. Neil Gaiman flew in to accept his Hugo for his work with Doctor Who. George RR Martin, my old nemesis, took home one for HBO’s Game of Thrones adaptation. Ken Liu, a down-to-earth guy I met here at the con, won a Hugo to go with his Nebula. And the writer and artist of Digger won.

Great speeches and impressive production value. Most everyone was dressed up. It felt like a geeky Oscar ceremony, which is to say it was better than the Academy Awards.

Yesterday was also one for amazing coincidences. I went to lunch with the editor of Lightspeed, a sci-fi magazine. He and I have been exchanging emails for a few months. After reading Wool, he invited me to submit any forthcoming short stories for consideration. It wasn’t until after lunch that we started talking about where we lived and where we’ve previously lived. It turns out he grew up in my wife’s hometown. He is our age, but it seemed impossible to believe . . . yup, they know each other. They were in the same class of about 80 kids. He was up for two Hugos last night, and I was sad to see him not win one. If you’re looking for a good read, check out his Wastelands anthology. One of the best things I’ve read this year.

Overall, WorldCon has been a blast. The climate for independent publishing seems to be warming up, but there are still pockets of resistance. I imagine this is a far cry from where things were a year ago. If I came to another of these, I might do some things differently. I think it would be beneficial to have a table and pay someone to man it. It would give me a discoverable place in the dealer room to hang out between panels. Otherwise, what an amazing experience. An awesome meet-up with readers, some very well-received panels, met some awesome folks in the industry, and went to a gala event. Now the question is: do I go next year to Texas for another one?

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  1. Did someone say short stories? I am a huge fan of short stories and even though I am sure they are difficult to write after diving into the novel pool, I’d dearly love to see more of your short work.

    I think the beauty of Wool 1 was the tight, compact and very unsettling read. Your selection of short stories on the blog here are also pretty good reads.

    Looking at the calendar, I see November just a page away. How about using NaNoWriMo to blast out a dozen or so short stories? Feed a couple to some anthologies and publish the rest as a Christmas gift to the Howey shuffle!

  2. You know, Hugh, Texas is a neighboring state to Louisiana. If I could get there next year, I would man your table for free!! As long as I didn’t have to dress up!! Just sayin’. :)

    1. No way. I’d pay you BIG BUCKS to (wo)man my table. Amber was watching your video today and crying, it was so funny. She says you need a TV show.

      1. I am so glad that she enjoyed it! Yeah, my own TV show — watch out world if that ever happens! LOL I was just having a good time!

        I’m dead serious – get me at that table, but you would have to tell me what is acceptable and not in that atmosphere because I could see doing some over the top shit!

        1. Hey….I have family in Texas. Hugh should let you and me man his table together…I bet I could out-top your over-the-top shit! :D

          1. That would be an absolute total blast!!!!:D We could spend the whole time one upping each other while introducing people to Hugh’s books!

  3. When I think of all the Star Wars novels I read as a kid it makes me mourn all the awesome novels I didn’t experience at that time. Thank God I discovered Dune.

    Still, even that forced me to read multiple novels. :(

    I feel like a huge sci-fi fan that’s missed huge parts of the sci-fi cannon.

    1. Lisa Kelly-Wilson Avatar

      Haven’t we all? And the beauty of having missed them is that we get to enjoy them for the first time NOW.

  4. Good idea to let woolites shuffle, er, ah, man your table…. gopher it

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