Los Angeles Meet-Up!

Wow. I’m sitting here recovering from an awesome meet-up last night in downtown Chicago and already planning the next one! First, a huge thanks to everyone who came out last night. The Emerald Loop turned out to be the perfect venue. Or did they give us a semi-private room as a service to the rest of their patrons? Probably.

It looks like I’ll be landing in L.A. Tuesday night. That’s the 4th. My event is on the 6th, which means I have all day Wednesday to meet somewhere. Let’s plan on 7 or 8 at the  location of your choosing. So chime in, make suggestions.

Edit: The Veranda Bar has been suggested by someone. Quiet and good for groups. I’m thinking 7:00 on Wednesday and it can go for a few hours for those who need to get in later or leave earlier. Eat beforehand if it looks too pricey, or have snacks or an appetizer with me.

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  1. Omg, you’re going to be in California?! I live a few hours away from LA but would love to head down to meet you!!!! Have a safe trip over! :D

  2. Damn. LA is an 8hr drive from Tucson. If you were in Phoenix, I’d be there in a second, along with about 10-15 other Wool fans.

    1. I would love to come to Phoenix. They have a lot of cool conventions down there.

  3. I don’t have any suggestions for a place to go. But count me in on being there! I live about 35 miles south of L.A.

  4. I won’t be attending, but I vote you have it at a theme park, so you can’t scout out good locations for the “Wool”, and “Izombie”, rides.

  5. It’s so damn cool that you arrange meet-ups with fans. Massive respect.

    1. Thanks, Adrian! It’s completely selfish on my part. I get way more out of it than they do, I promise. It’s so cool to meet people I can geek out with on common interests, find out what they do, where they’re from. The meet-ups, every single one, have been a blast.

  6. I am definitely going to try to be there!! Yay! I’m in “the OC” just south of LA and I don’t think I can pass up this opportunity!

  7. You are traveling a lot – when are you coming to Alaska? :)

    1. I would LOVE to come to Alaska! Maybe a WOOL cruise?

      1. I would think a Wool cruise would ideally be aboard a submarine! Not much of a view and everything smells like amine and bearing grease. Count me in!!!

  8. Im visiting Cali but will be leaving on the 6th :(. Any chance you’ll be coming to the east coast, maybe around Connecticut? I’m dying to know when the second shift book will come out!!
    Thanks for creating such an awesome series!
    Keep up the good work!!

  9. Actually, I set it up that way! Mostly because we had a large party, but we’ll pretend I had some pull and magnificently arranged it. LOL

  10. I check your blog all the time to make sure I don’t miss a Boston meet-up!! Come to Boston!!

  11. Dear Hugh,
    I love your books, and am very happy you are getting much needed publicity. However, I need to remind you that we are patiently awaiting your next installment of Wool.
    STOP screwing around and get to WRITING.
    Thank you,
    You’re awaiting Wool fans.
    P.S. I check your progress meter weekly. I expect progress.

    1. You want me to write a romance novel?


  12. Cherian Drouillard Avatar
    Cherian Drouillard

    Oh my goodness! I’m going to have to try to be there! I work a graveyard shift in North Hollywood at 9p though. Maybe I can take an earler train and pop by to fangirl at you before work. Woolhoo!

  13. I check this site daily just to hope the Wool 7 progress meter jumps. Can’t wait, probably gonna reread Wool 6 once it hits about 90% just to refresh myself.

  14. Do you ever do Library Programs?

    1. I used to volunteer with my local library in Boone. I haven’t scouted out the new libraries near me in Florida. No time.

      Were you thinking of any kind of program in particular?

  15. You’re on our side of the country! Wonderful! Count me in. :)

  16. I live in L.A. and just now finished Wool. Jumped to your website from the Q&A only to find I just missed the meetup! Oh well. Amazing book(s), can’t wait to read more!

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