A Sad Bit of News

For those who ordered Silo Thumb Drives, I’ve got some bad news. A box with 500 drives was delivered to my house on Monday and was promptly stolen. UPS confirms delivery to this address (they have nifty GPS-tagging tech in those scanners of theirs now). The reason for the disappearance was likely the two DVDs that were delivered the same day. That smiley Amazon box was just too tempting sitting there on my porch. I’m sure the thief threw the 500 USB sticks away, since they have my name and email address on them. All for a couple DVDs.

The real bummer here is for those of you waiting on your drives. I’ve ordered another batch (this was already a replacement batch, meaning some of you have been waiting MONTHS for your drive!) And I’m going to ship out your signed books this week and will follow up with the thumb drives when they get here. Really sorry about this. And really frustrated to think of the several thousand dollars worth of plastic business cards sitting in someone’s trashcan right now. :(

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  1. This is exactly why I like to know when you plan to ship the signed books. I’m so afraid someone will steal the package from my front door! Anyone who tries to steal my autographed Hugh Howey books better watch out! So sorry this happened to you.

  2. Arghhh… this is annyoing, thieves or bad post-men everywhere…

    WHY the hell do they place parcels at the entrance. I will never understand! Who signed for the parcel?

    Sorry for this bad xmas-present!

  3. I think these USBs are a great idea, but do you ever kinda just regret the whole thing? I can’t help but think this was one of those ‘Ah, the thumb drives strike again!’ kind of days.

    1. Not at all. I feel bad for the people waiting on these. I’m going to lose quite a bit of money with the idea, but only because I gave hundreds of them away in San Francisco and now had $3,000 worth stolen off my porch. I like the idea enough to do this for my other books once I get some free time to work on it.

      1. Well no one can accuse you of not caring about your fans, that’s for sure! $3,000, Wow!

  4. Oh man, that’s brutal! Does UPS have insurance or anything to cover incidents like this, or is that all lost $ for you?

    Dontcha hate nasty nasty thieves? (my kindle was stolen in September. Still not over it.)

  5. This is really sad, I feel bad for those who really wanted these, but there’s not much anyone can do about it.

    Hopefully the thief will come to their senses and grow a spine or a soul and bring them back, since they have your address and obviously were there anyhow. Hopefully they’ll bring them back (no real value to them), if not come to you themselves and admit it, I wouldn’t count on the latter, but it happens. Forgiveness is a powerful thing and something that’s not brought out enough in situations like this. There’s always a way that works out for everyone.

    Please don’t judge them too harshly, people are people, there’s no nasty people only nasty actions, and actions like this are far from permanent.

    Good luck, Hugh, hopefully they’ll turn up.

  6. Maybe they’ll be really dumb, and start selling them on EBay, or Craigslist…

    That’s how my buddy caught the guys who stole his motorcycle.

  7. Sad news indeed but I and others will be very happy when we receive the thumb drive. Eagerly anticipating a good read ;)

    When I worked for a cell phone company, we constantly had our UPS/FedEx shipped merch stolen from us by their employees who even had the audacity to tell our employees that insurance will cover it so it was no big deal.

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