A Sandbox!

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  1. “both of you”? I suspect there are many more than 2 people watching this.

    Looks great and I look forward to the rest being published too.

  2. You keep saying I should wait for the full novel but I just can’t, especially when you entice me with the possibility of actual sand in the book!

  3. How can I wait for the full novel while others are reading it? En, unless you include this first part in the Fallout Shelter USB Drive. :D Will you at least consider this idea?

    1. I think I can do that! I had to re-order the batch of USB drives, as the last batch was stolen. :(

      1. Really? Then it will be a great news for us who ordered the USB drives month ago! (of course the stolen part is not)

  4. You’re right…the unboxing process never gets old. Congrats…

  5. I’m confused. You still have your word count meter up for “Sand,” and I just can’t believe that small volume is 80,000 words. Is this something else here?

    1. It’s the whole novel. There are 4 parts in total.

      1. I applaud your honesty with readers to just wait, although looks like many are having a hard time doing so. :) Still, eBook sales seem to be about 100 times those of the print book. Glad to see you’re following through with those pricing ideas, too.

  6. Man, I’m glad I didn’t know you were doing this — the agonizing pressure of not seeing the printed book until you unbox really would have ruined my day. What if I’d gotten the dimensions wrong, and you pulled out a book with a pure white cover and a tiny little thumbnail of my design centered across the spine?

    I’m glad they turned out great. The matte finish really looks striking, especially when you compare it to the glossy one on-camera!

  7. Hey Hugh

    Just bought and read Part 1….really intrigued with how the story will unfold in subsequent part.

    Quick question – as I’ve done a bit of googling with little success – is there a post anywhere where you detail your writing process?


    1. I don’t know that it’s in any one place. A scattering of questions over a lot of interviews. My writing process is so boring. I just sit down and make stuff up. Not sure there’s any real formula or steps involved.

  8. Wow, that’s so sweet. I was amazed how thin it is but yay for serial fiction. A question: Do you use a POD service or a local printer?

    1. POD. I use CreateSpace. I love the people there, and the quality, price, and speed are amazing.

  9. Okay, when can we expect part 2? I’m hooked ;)

    1. Earlier than I had planned. I’m thinking Sundays should be Sandays. Gonna try to have part 2 live by this weekend.

      1. Woo hoo!

        And just got to say, you got a thing for burying people in underground buildings, don’t you? :)

        1. I like to repeat certain themes, yes. That way you can tell they’re a theme. :)

  10. Yeah, I had to bite at Part I as soon as it was available so I’ve got some sand between my teeth now. You squeezed a lot of character and story into that short first installment and I’m looking forward to the rest of the ride. It’s off to a very impressive start.

    Keep the installments coming and best of luck with it.

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