London Meet-Up!

It’s a London Meet-Up Twofer! Superstar author Liliana Hart and I are going to be at the King’s Head pub this Sunday, April 6th, at 2:00 pm. The plan is to hang out for a couple of hours and have a pint. All are welcome. If you live nearby, come join us. If you can’t make it, be jelly and wish us well.

Click here for a map to find the pub. You’re on your own for getting home!

8 responses to “London Meet-Up!”

  1. When are you coming to Portland? :)

  2. Ooh, I may have to push the boat out and drive down to say hi finally Hugh. :-)

  3. I’ll miss it as am on holiday shame

  4. Hope to see you there, Hugh!

  5. Shame. I was in London last weekend!
    Are you coming up north at all? Would love to meet you in Liverpool or Manchester!

  6. I’ll be there! How nice :)

  7. Oh man … I wish I could make it! My plane doesn’t fly in until 3:30! If you’re both keen on dropping in to The Blackbird (209 Earls Court Rd), I’ll be there from 7:30 with Talli Roland and bunch of other authors! I’m sure everyone would fall over backwards if you waltzed in. Hehe. :-)

  8. Rats! I was away at the weekend and just got back to see this. You were there yesterday!

    Ah well, next time.

    Hope you’re enjoying London

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