A Week of Highlights!

This is very long, and it’s primarily for my mom, so feel free to skip it entirely.

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  1. This video blog is great! You should do it more often, I still can’t believe you were still working in a book store only a couple months ago, that is mind boggling. but wow, movie deals, best selling books, and now webcasting…you are building your own media empire my friend! Next step, Hugh Howey, mogul!

  2. Great video blog. Congrats on all the opportunities coming your way in the future. I was completely blown away by the wool series and can’t wait for the audio book.

  3. I enjoyed the vlog very much; your genuine surprise and delight in your success is endearing and infectious. It fit right in to this day:

    Cast on gauge swatches for a sweater this morning while having my morning latte, and thought about your book titles.
    Put Wool on my old Kindle for one of my sons to read.
    Your video popped up on my feed and I watched it while making dinner.
    Found my signed copy in the mailbox !

    So looking forward to the next one – congratulations!

  4. I will download the audio book first thing. Darn it. I clicked to comment and it stopped the video.

  5. I agree with Bob: video blog more often, please!

  6. I’d just like to chime in about the folks who say your reviews aren’t real. Perhaps not all, but many are likely just trolling you. The best thing you can do is not respond to them at all. Giving them any attention is only going to fuel their fire. That’s what they’re there for is a reaction and the more you react, the more they’ll do it. Just let the real reviewers drown them out.

  7. Really enjoyed this video blog. Hope for another one soon..

  8. Sounds like your life is really accelerating! Thanks for taking the time to to share your recent excitement in video format. Does the adrenaline ever wear off? :-)) Looking forward to the first audio book. I was so excited to get a copy of Wool 6, but I managed to have the self control enough to put it in the reading queue… to follow the 4th Molly Fyde book, which I am on right now.

  9. Congrats on getting written up in PW, Hugh! I’m a new fan of yours. I read Wool last week, and then turned right around and read the Bern Saga. Your writing is amazingly creative and refreshing. Truly some of the best I’ve read in a long time. I’m glad you’re finally finding some of the success you deserve. Please keep writing!

    1. Thanks, Janyaa! I really appreciate that.

  10. Mr. Howey,
    I had to come to your site since I’m in the middle of the Wool series. I had to make a connection.
    I’m reading much more slowly now because I want this to last me a lot longer. I enjoyed your vlog and look forward to coming back for updates. Oh, there are a bunch of us reading your work from a message board : giraffeboards.com because of the recommendation of one of our members. I’m so glad that you’ve found all of us and that the rewards will find you!

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