More Mike Tabor Magic

It seems so obvious AFTER he does it.

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  1. It looks awesome! I’m a new fan, so I haven’t been waiting as long as your longtime fans, but I’m really excited and looking forward to downloading it to my Kindle next week.

  2. Or yeah, just do that.

  3. That will look frickin awesome staring at me from my Kindle!

    1. Soon, Bob, soon.

      And if you take your blue pills, you can read and be surprised at every twist and turn.

  4. This is it! Captures the silo shape, and the color contrast will look great on the Fire. Too bad I only have the 2nd gen. kindle!

  5. Yeah! Great job! I was a little late with my own solution that I sent to Hugh, but the angle is probably the best way to go!

  6. Great look! Now all that is left is to center your name and authorized eyes only to make nisays happy.

  7. This cover looks totally, 100%, professional. If I was browsing in a bookstore, this is a book I’d take off the shelf to give a once-over.

  8. Nicole (aka nisays) Avatar
    Nicole (aka nisays)

    @Win: LMAO. I did that myself when I sent in my rendition. It really bothers me. :D

  9. New fan to Wool, here. The cover above looks great.

    1. Thanks, Isabeau! Mike Tabor and Jerry Aman did an awesome job with this one. And Kitten laid out the title block!

  10. Looking at the title I remembered something I wish I had remembered a few days ago when there was a slim chance that it could be changed… so yeah… damn… but anywho… I will show it anyways so everyone will know I am very forgetful…

  11. Yeah… me too… but… it is a little too late to be pulling them out now… but I did this when I sent you that… slightly crazy… email the other day about covers and stuff… but forgot all about it thanks to a phone call and a game…

  12. Also… thank you!

  13. I would love to have Mike Tabor design the cover for my current book project. Let us know when he gets a website where we can contact him!

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