A Word with Molly and Wool Fans

Ah, my faithful and impatient readers. A word, if I may. I have some disappointing news for you.

The next Molly book won’t be out until the end of summer at the very earliest. I know this breaks the heart of my dearest sister and quite a few others, especially since the book has been so close to completion for a few months now, but I’ve had to sort the order of my projects, and poor Molly suffered, as she always does, the worst.

Now for the true hailstorm of stones. The next Wool story will be out sometime between April and June. Hey, that’s still less than half a year from the release of Wool 5, but I know you got spoiled there for a while. Here’s the reason, and a confession on some of my habits and hang-ups:

I work like a madman when a series is “incomplete.” I can’t stand the cliffhangers any more than you can. At the end of the first Wool, I was able to move on and work on other things. After Wool 2, I couldn’t stop until I’d gotten to the end of Wool 5. The process consumed me and drove me mad. I had to keep working and living with these poor characters until I had either killed them or helped them reach a safe bit of flotsam to cling to.

The Molly and Wool books both sit peaceably, now. (As much as I allow any series to sit peaceably). Because of that, it tears my gut up to contemplate disturbing them. Not so soon. Instead, I am going to stick to my original (according to the Wool Q&A) plan of starting the Sand Land series (the name of which has changed slightly). The first short story in this world will come out in the next four weeks. After that, there will probably be a flurry of Sand Land novella until the world is secure (or everyone is dead).

I don’t think you’ll hate these books, even though you’ll be wanting more from another series. Once Sand Land is done, I’ll probably get I, Zombie out the door and then the next Wool book. Don’t worry, I’ll be working on most of these simultaneously, so the delay won’t be enormous. And my self-loathing will probably keep the prices way below where they should be, so even if you hate what I’m releasing, you won’t go broke feeding your disgust.

So that’s the plan as of right now. It could change in a wink. Sand Land (different title, though), I, Zombie (a mess of a book), Wool 6 or 9 (not sure which), and finally Molly 5 (a kick-ass book). There’s been call for a Half Way Home 2 as well, which I fully plan on tackling.

Oh, and my memoirs. Which my mother and a few others will read. And this other project I’ve been thinking of…

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  1. It’s all good, I trust that anything emerging from the Hugh Howey writing machine will be thoroughly enjoyable.

  2. I agree with timnuoa, anything that comes from your mind can’t be horrible. I will be patiently waiting, and checking progress bars daily, and forcing myself to read other things until your next piece comes out! And, if you ever need someone to test out your stuff on, I am willing! :-p

    1. I might take you up on that Jill. You’ve earned beta-read status, I believe.

  3. Sheena Lawrence Avatar
    Sheena Lawrence

    I just read Wool 1-5 and I am anxious for Wool 6 and Wool 9. I don’t usually pay for Kindle books because there is more good free stuff than I could ever read. After Wool 1 had to have the rest and now I want even MORE!!!!

  4. Take your time, Hugh. Whatever works for you. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

  5. Awesome! That would be my dream-come-true! haha

  6. Sounds like I could loan you my 12 and 10 year old kids (each just a touch ADHD) to focus your efforts a bit! Rent would be very cheap and I’d include free UPS Ground delivery.

    For me personally, I enjoy the anticipation before the next shoe drops, so a break of 6-12 months from one safe bit of flotsam to the next is great. Love the description of your resting point between series…”Secure or Dead”

  7. Just finished Wool 5 Hugh and left my first review on Amazon. Though I read many books I know that most of the authors I read have a large and loyal following, as I predict you will have also. I love stories that create a whole new world and prople them with strong characters. Thank you so much for a fantastic few days of travel!

    1. Thank you, Mary! And thanks for the review and for posting some feedback here. It means a lot.

  8. Honey, do what you gotta do….we’ll wait…..with paypal poised…..

  9. Yeah, I got nothing to add to what the rest of the people have said so far… I fully agree… Take your time… Well… it would be nice to have something to read… but, well, you know… I should be studying and not reading… I just wanted to show my support… or add my +1 or what ever…

  10. You know what, after reading the Plaigerist, and starting Half Way Home now, I think you can officially count me as a Hugh Howey fan, not just a Wool fan (I’ve had six different conversations with people at work today about your work (yeah it’s been a slow day), and am emailing links to people like crazy!…and I’ll be honest, I’m intrigued by the I, Zombie concept (but I’m a Walking Dead fan…so I’m biased)…but I will hold you to getting the next part of the Wool story out by this summer! =) and hey if you are looking for volunteers for “beta-read” status, count me in…I really enjoyed a sneak peek at Legacy!…now back to Half Way Home…I’m sure when I am done with it, I will be yelping for the sequel…hang in there!

  11. sictransitzeb Avatar

    I was just going to email you about Molly Fyde lol. I just finished book 4! Love the world you’ve built(especially the drenard homeplanet). Personally, I think Wool is your best work but Molly is your most creative! Not saying Wool isn’t creative; however, the concepts and little twists you’ve used in Molly is just great.

    Can’t wait for what else you’ve got coming up.

  12. I’m a fan of Wool and Molly, but only in that I’m a Hugh Howey fan. I’ll be happy as long as you keep spinning yarns, no matter what those yarns are called :)

  13. I can’t wait for I, Zombie!

  14. As much as I’d like to read more Molly, I think for her sake a little down time would be good. I would like to imagine her and Cole living quietly and peacefully for a time. We know her life in the books will never be such, so, a little peace and quiet will be good for her. Julliette has to get used to being a leader and administrator. We’ll let her work on her new role for a while. The silos have been there a long time…they’re not going anywhere soon. We’ll just let our friends live their lives in that quantum drive in our head and when it’s time, we’ll drop by for a visit to say hi…or pay our respects…

  15. You always seem to be negative about your writing when it is amazing….this leads me to believe that I, Zombie might be the most amazing yet!

  16. Take your time! I’m just as curious to read Sand and I, Zombie as I am to read Legacy, and I believe many others agree with me.
    Besides, I still have to finish Half Way Home and start Plagiarist and Molly… there’s plenty to read!

  17. Just finished checking Amazon (again!) for Wool 6-so had to come check on your progress…lol. Keep enjoying life; I’ll keep waiting for the next one!

  18. I just discovered Wool. It’s a terrifically tight and curiously compelling read. Since this is my first of your books, any delay in others will be welcomed, at least for me. I have to catch up on everything else you’ve written!

  19. Just finished wool 1-5…spent 5 days reading straight through. Best book/series I’ve read in a long time hugh. Keep up the amazing work. I plan on buying all your work you have for kindle now

  20. Can’t wait for any and all of these projects! But… it will be a sad day when my reading catches up to your writing. 1.5 Molly books and The Hurricane left to go.

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your works Hugh, you love your work, your fans, and your characters… and it shows!

  21. Amazon suggested Wool to me before Christmas, and I’ve been reading your books ever since. I’ve bought/read everything, and I’m (im)patiently waiting for more. We have a family of 5 Kindle readers, and we’ve all read your books- keep up the good work!

  22. I was a slave to King’s Dark Tower series growing up, so thankfully his forcing me to wait 7 YEARS between sequels has forced me to enjoy re-reading stories in anticipation of their follow-ups. I’m also glad there is some breathing room between your books so I can, you know, actually read some other authors these days (just started Colson Whitehead’s Zone One. Impressive so far!)

  23. Although I am sad to hear I will have to wait months instead of weeks for the next Wool, I am very much looking forward to whatever you put out for Sand. I read the first several chapters of the first Molly Fyde and determined it just wasn’t for me, but I loved Half Way Home. I have The Plagiarist on deck for after I finish my current book.

    1. If you run out of other stuff to read, get to page 120 or so of the first Molly Fyde book. It really picks up and heads in ways you wouldn’t imagine (like most of my stuff).

  24. A sequel to Half Way Home? Yes, please, I’d love that!
    Enjoyed the novel very much, its setting really left an impression on me.
    Still, sounds that it’s not coming too soon (does it?). But hey, lots of Wool to read in between…

  25. I just read your Wool Omnibus straight through in 2 days and found it wonderful, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your next Wool books.
    In the meantime I’ve been looking for a book series that my wife and I can read out loud to each other other (we just finished the Hunger Games series) and the Molly Fyde books look like just the ticket. (I would have suggested the Wool books to her but I couldn’t put it down long enough).

    Keep up the great work.

  26. A friend of mine insisted I read “just” the first Wool book. Aaaand I was hooked. Now I must consume all of your works. More, more, more! Feeeeeeed meeeeeeee!

  27. Gave a review at Amazon and loved the Wool series. Thanks for your great work and I enjoy the other Amazon publishing related posts here as well. Could you cover how Amazon Prime works for you? Is it some kind of pool Authors get?

    1. Sure. I’ll post something about that soon. Thanks for the review!

  28. I am playing catch up on every series you have so a little time won’t hurt me any! I am reading Omnibus now but can’t decide which to read after with everyone’s positive comments on everything you write! I find myself reading posts and looking up Hugh Howey information more than I read lol….glad to be a new HH fan and working on spreading the word through my circle of people!

  29. Just finished Wool 1-5 and wow, it’s been a long time since I read 5 books in a series and wanted more! I’m not normally a sci-fi fan, but this sounded interesting and I gave it a shot, it was only $5, right?
    I’m so glad I did, the story is fantastic, I gave my first ever Amazon review and telling anyone willing to listen :) Just downloaded the Plagiarist and look forward to discovering your other series while waiting for the next wool release. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, Lori! I’m glad you found the books and took a chance on them!

  30. Like everyone else, I’ll be eagerly awaiting your new books. You’re telling us about the delay, but as I read it, I think that’s a lot of books! I’ll keep checking back here for updates! Keep up the good work.

  31. I am a voracious reader and generally stay away from short stories as I really hate it when you connect with a story only to have it end too soon. It was great to have the omnibus edition so I could stay in your world a little longer! All I can say is thank you for your beautiful, thought provoking WOOL series. I have already recommended the book to my sisters and it will be the read for my next book club.

    1. I can’t believe I wrote something people are using in book clubs! That’s insane. I Skyped in with a book club yesterday. Let me know if you want to do something similar, I’d be up for it.

  32. However, or whenever your books come out, I’ll be sure to buy. I’m a fairly manic reader that considers myself to have reasonable tastes, and your work continues to captivate me. The imagination and character depth are superb, how you continue to flesh out such original ideas is a breath of fresh air. But its the progression that I really love. Your development from the first Molly Fyde book to where you are at today is substantial, and I really enjoyed that book. Please continue with the path you’re on, your contribution to contemporary literature is something I am truly grateful for. Just keep writing! Molly, the Silo, and the Colonies all breathe by your pens end.

  33. Just finished Half Way Home and I must say it was up there with Wool, which is easily one of my favorite books of all time. Just curious, will there be a sequel? It seemed open-ended as if it were possible. It would really ease my mind in knowing that there is or isn’t a sequel.

    1. I have a sequel planned. Just need to find the time! Glad you liked it.

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