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Amazon Press Conference!

Wool was briefly on the screen during today’s Amazon press conference. And I was in the audience! So cool to see what one of these events looks like. Lots of cell phones held in the air, bloggers bent over keyboards, photographers clicking away, incredible catering, and tables full of devices to fondle. Lots of fun. I got to shake the hands of so many cool people, like author Barry Eisler and the VPs of Kindle content and design. Very, very cool experience. But nothing will top having breakfast with the man in charge of Kindle publishing and hearing all the amazing things they are doing there. And then finding out that he’s a huge fan of Wool! :D

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*sigh* What a wonderful, memorable day for you! *wondering if you will get any sleep tonight* This is an event you can not keep calm and shuffle on from.

OMG!!!! I’m up there too!!!!! HOLY CRAP I was up there on the screen!!!!!!
*iz totally geeking out here!!!*

… … *looks again* HOLY CRAP I WAS UP THERE THREE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEP!!

Can you provide the context of that pic? “27 are KDP books”. 27 of what? Top indie bestsellers?

Judging from the covers of the books that are greyed out, I would say the reference is 27 of the Top 100 Kindle books. Not just Indie books. It’s exciting to see so many KDP self-pubbed books up there in the Top 100!

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