Farewell, West Coast!

My whirlwind tour comes to an end. It was awesome, but I sure will be glad to get home to my family and my writing routine. From Denver to Florida to Chicago to L.A., and now back to the sunrise coast.

All my best to those I met and bumped into along the way. We’re missing a few from the group photo below, but a special thanks to the L.A. meet-up crowd. Now, back to writing!

5 responses to “Farewell, West Coast!”

  1. It was incredibly awesome to meet with you. :D Wish we’d been able to get to the bar earlier to chat more but I’m glad you came down and did the fan meet-and-greet. Have a safe trip home!!

  2. Dreams do come true. I met my favorite author. Thank you, Hugh.

  3. I’m pondering the spookiness of everyone in that photo wearing blue…

    1. We coordinate these things.

  4. It was great to meet you, Hugh, and everyone else. I had a great time! Good company and strong drinks. ;) I also finished Wool Omnibus finally (on my 3rd Kindle) — damn. Great story. What a satisfying ending….for about 15 minutes. When’s the next one coming out? And yes, we want to see this on the big screen… :)

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