An Unbelievable Honour!

So I woke up to a very cool email this morning. A reader was looking for one of the original copies of the Omnibus, the one with the yellow cover (if you’ve got one, I’ve got a buyer). And he mentions how excited he is for one of the Limited Edition copies from Goldsboro Books in the UK. The one with the slipcase.

This didn’t process at first. Goldsboro is one of the highest calibre bookshops in England. They have the largest 1st edition book club in the country. So when I popped over there to see what the reader was talking about, I saw that WOOL is going to be their February Book of the Month!

This is an absolute thrill and honour! It’s the equivalent of landing on the cover of the New York Times Book Review. Except there are 52 of those a year rather than 12.

A while back, Dave, one of the owners of Goldsboro, got in touch to let me know how much he enjoyed reading the proofs from Century Press and Random House. He asked if I would like to sign some 1st editions. But I had no idea I was being selected for something like this. Or that the book would come with a slipcase!

(I’m totally geeking out over here. I’m a sucker for slipcases. My book collection has quite a few tomes I’ll never read, but that I picked up for their lovely case).

I’m so gaga over this that I already ordered two of them for myself. That leaves a measly 498 for the rest of England. I pray they’ll manage.

8 responses to “An Unbelievable Honour!”

  1. And the hits just keep on comin’.

    Congrats, my good man. :D

    P.S. – This cover is good, but the yellow bio-hazard cover wins hands down. Wished I’d read WOOL sooner so I could’ve gotten my signed copy with that cover. Shame on me. :(

    1. That cover might make a comeback at some point. ;)

      1. brilliant…

  2. Wow! That’s an super cool deal, Hugh! Book of the Month always draws a lot attention, no matter where a book is featured that way. Awesome!

    I’ve got the original cover Omnibus, and I’m keeping it :)

  3. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    497 ;-)

    And kudos to you for using honour instead of honor!

  4. Congrats. I will probably order one, as I have not yet gotten over the fact that I don’t have the original Omnibus cover. I got each of the original books, and then I grabbed the Omnibus for my Kindle, and by the time I thought about it again and decided I wanted a hard copy Omnibus, the dingy yellow cover was no more — eliminated in a fit of Howey “new-and-improved-itis.”

  5. Awesome. Ordered one as well!!!

    Will this be the first iteration of a hardcover version or will a non limited version see store shelves before then as well?

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