And now, I shall break this site!

I’m tackling some site updates, so if things get wonkish, you have only me to blame.

Edit: Success! We have the latest version of WordPress running. For now. They’ll probably issue some major update tomorrow.

Also, I’ve added some kind of spam plug-in. I hope this means I can leave the commenting open (no login required, just a name and email address, which you can make up). Hopefully this works. I don’t like readers not being able to comment, but I also hate the flood of spam I get.

Now to fiddle some more.

28 responses to “And now, I shall break this site!”

  1. I am designing a site from the ground up… So be thankful you have WordPress behind you! I have Notepad++

  2. I’m trying to update the comment system to use FB login. Doesn’t seem to be working!

  3. Hmmm… That’s kinda strange, but then again, when I had a site last Facebook wasn’t all that and people didn’t care if they could log in with it or not… and sadly, I am waiting for my new site to process so I can’t look into it…

  4. But there is a like button

  5. Well… there WAS a like button… I only knew you for a short time but you will be missed…

    R.I.P. Like button 2012-2012

  6. I can use html tags now… yay?!?!?!

  7. Please don’t use a FB login… no everyone has one or want to have one. :(((((

  8. How is the addition coming along? Us Nebraskans want to know.

  9. So is this test spam?

  10. If only it were this easy to comment in the forums. I’ve noticed that a majority of the internets isn’t built for a browsing device without a physical keyboard. Since all I use is my Android phone and my Kindle Fire, it gets a bit frustrating at times. Just don’t stop writing, Hugh. Books first, site… much lower on the to-do list.

  11. Hey Hugh! Dunno if you remember me from Astronomy but I had to come say hi after the bus ride I just had.

    So I’m in Seattle, at an internship I got this summer, riding the bus to work as usual and this guy sits down next to me and pulls out a kindle. It took me a couple of minutes to realize it but he was reading the Wool Omnibus. I struck up a conversation and he recommended I read a novel called Containment if I liked your stuff. Anyway it was just really cool running into that all the way over here on the left coast. I take it to mean things are going well for you, which I am glad for.

    Take care,

    1. No way! Tyler, that’s crazy. Did you tell him you knew me?

  12. If you must fiddle, make sure nothing’s burning first.

    I’m not all that fond of the “log in with Facebook” deals. I like to be able to do a thing or two without Facebook watching and commenting. I’m forever deleting excess junk from my timeline.

    I haven’t had any trouble logging in or commenting here at all.

  13. AWESOME! I’ve been waiting for inline tagging to be supported since 2005 hell froze over I gave up that propranolol addiction about fifteen minutes ago. I just wish the blink tag wasn’t deprecated.

    I do agree that I’ve never had any problem logging in and posting and that I try to carve Facebook out of as many places as possible. I don’t trust the Zuck.

  14. I, however, am still mourning the Like button…

  15. Interesting…I can comment now…but…what’s with the password?

    Maybe it’s your template you need to change? Doesn’t (not the free site, which is offer services to help folks just like you?

  16. Whoever took it, give kitten back her Like button.

  17. His* (Don’t worry, I get it a lot…)

  18. Hey, I like the Goodreads section, Hugh, that’s cool. Although the spell checker doesn’t like it.

  19. Oh, very nice to have commentability. Sorry about all the spam, though. I hope this helps cut that down!

  20. Everything looks pretty golden right now!

  21. So noted, kitten. Sorry about that!

    I don’t smell anything burning. Must be good.

  22. Yay! Thanks for working on the comments! :)

    1. Thanks for complaining enough to get me to work on it, Claudia! ;)

  23. I quote Nicole! No FB pleeease.

  24. Thanks for giving us the ability to leave comments without FB, Hugh.

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