IndieReader and Huffington Post

So, a guest article I wrote for got picked up by Huffington Post today. Very cool to be published on either of these awesome sites, much less both!


On Huffington Post

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  1. That’s just..amazing. I’ve never seen any author acknowledge and speak to his readers as you do, let alone discuss the process of the work involved, the effects on your life. Thank you for writing that. You deserve all the cool stuff coming your way. I’ll bet the article is picked up elsewhere, too. It should be!

  2. I love the fact that the first article recommended by HuffPo at the bottom is “8 Ways Humans Could Cause Our Own Extinction.” That’s so perfect.

    Oh and Ditto everything Deb said. Your willingness to put up with us bending your ear as we shout WOOL! in a crowded theater is what sets you apart from other authors.

  3. Hi!

    (I got tired of typing “Yay, Hugh,” so I decided to go a different way on this one.)

  4. You must be a damn good writer, because your article about writing (yawn!) literally gave me goosebumps at the end. It really is quite an amazing tale.

  5. Great article, Hugh. Inspirational and well written. Thanks.

  6. Hi Hugh!
    After I read on another website that your Wool series was maybe going to become a movie, I downloaded the books and read them all in about a week! (Even Wool 6!)
    Great books! Keep up the great work. I have Half Way Home on “Loan” from Amazon, I’ll give it a peek next. :)

  7. Hugh,
    I just finished reading the Omnibus and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was fascinating to read more about how these books came about. I can see why Book 1 drew your readers in and led to a cry of “More! More!”

    Best of luck on the movie side of things, and please keep on writing like you have been. I’m looking forward to more (More!).

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