We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Jason, who submitted the winning slogan for Audio Tim’s Wooly T-Shirt Giveaway!

Jason has been sent a copy of his design from CafePress. This is what he’ll be sporting here in a week or so:

Made from real Wool, so it’ll be extra scratchy! Good luck beating the ladies off of you, Jason.

4 responses to “We Have a Winner!”

  1. Haha, wouldn’t that be funny if it really was made of wool, considering the slogan that he doesn’t love wool. That just goes to show his genuine affection for the book, I guess. Great idea, Jason, and way to polish up his idea, Hugh. That’s one fine addition to the swag catalog.

  2. Thanks again. Totally looking forward to showing off my new threads.

  3. But….I like the fabric too, at least in yarn form, because iKnit…

    Teasing..it’s very cool! Nice, Jason!

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