Another Science-Fiction Reminder

Don’t forget: these are future fiction stories.

I’ve watched the video several times now, and the movement is so uniquely human that I find myself empathizing with the robot. How weird is that? Watch it one more time and tell me if you don’t feel a tinge of emotion when the unit is shoved, and regains its balance. Or if there isn’t something in you that says “enough” when showing the max speed it can attain.

It’ll probably be within my lifetime that we have a walking, talking robot that looks almost completely human. The ethical dilemmas that creation will pose should be quite interesting.

2 responses to “Another Science-Fiction Reminder”

  1. I couldn’t find the link, but there is another robot that looks like a dog that is doing the same things as this one. They also have the dog moving up and down inclines with loose rocks, taking harder shoves, and running faster. It looks ridiculously real.

  2. Are you talking about the Boston Dynamics robot?

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