Auckland Event on Monday

I have one public event in Auckland on Monday. It’s at Takapuna Library from 6:30 – 8:00. The library is at 1 The Strand, Takapauna. I’ll talk for a bit, take questions for even longer, and then sign books. Hope to see you there! Bring sheep! (But not really)

EDIT: Bumpy landing in a massive rainstorm last night. Woke up looking over the harbour here in Auckland. A bevy of interviews today before the event tonight. So excited to be here. It’s been on my wish-list for so long; hard to believe I’m really on the other side of the globe from my home.

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  1. Bring sheep. :D

    1. I brought a sheep when i met him in Berkeley

  2. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    Yay for you! New Zealand is breathtaking! It’s also filled with arguably the nicest people on the planet.

  3. Think of me when you are at The Strand. If someone brings sheep, be sure to take pictures. If someone brings a fleece bring it home for you mother or sister to spin.

  4. Thanks for the praise ‘John in Hollywood’ – not entirely sure it is correct, but what the hell, we’ll take it.

    The library in question is less than 100 metres (er, yards?) from the beautiful Takapuna Beach, so get there early for a swim (bit cold for that actually now, especially at 6.30pm) or a pleasant walk on the sand.

    Also, I think there is a $5 cover charge – read that somewhere today (or $3 if you are a ‘friend’ of the library). So be warned. I’m told copies of both ‘Wool’ and ‘Shift’ will be on hand to purchase.

    See you there.

    Harry L in Auckland.

  5. Think of me when you are at The Strand

  6. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    Harry – My pleasure, and absolutely correct. :-)

  7. check out Hobbiton while you’re there!

  8. I’d love to come – but if I did I’d nag you about when Dust will be available. Is there a release date? Have I missed it? I’m keeping my eye on Amazon for a Kindle version :)

    1. I read Oct 24th on GoodReads

  9. Christchurch (and I) will miss seeing you, but the weather is truly horrible at the moment so you are quite possibly better off missing us.. =D

    1. Michelle, I get to have a short interview with Hugh tomorrow – from Christchurch – but sadly not in person. Check out the Christchurch City Library blog for the results! We will just have to make sure we get him down this way next time when hopefully there will be a few more buildings that can accommodate the crowds!

      1. I’ll do that Jane, thanks for letting me know!

  10. Damn, just read this and I am IN Auckland, sadly lacking a sheep. My brother does own 10,000 though, will that suffice. Shame we’ve had 4 months of sun (and drought…) and now it rains when you arrive :-(
    Loving Wool and Shift, looking forward to Dust.

  11. Lindsey Dawson Avatar

    Hi Hugh, Look forward to interviewing you tomorrow at Face TV in Auckland. Hope they’ve been good to you at Takapuna. Such a lot to discuss – from dystopian plots to your remarkable success online and in conventional publishing… not something every author gets the hang of.

  12. OH DAMN!!! I had the weeks muddled up & took NEXT Monday off work!!! Stupid, stupid STUPID woman!!!!
    *wanders off to clean* …………

  13. Good to hear you last night. Now, I can’t wait to read your books. I have just blogged on The King’s College Library Blog see, thanks for the photo. Have a great trip home.

  14. – here is text from recent NZ appearance

  15. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    I hope you got to see some of the city! And wasn’t I right? Aren’t Kiwi’s the best?

    1. Kiwis are the best.

      But Australians are also the best.

      They both told me so.

  16. Hi Hugh
    Thanks for coming all the way down to New Zealand. I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your talk. I’ve just finished Shift, and can’t wait for Dust. Hope you’ll get back to NZ one day on your boat. Keep writing!

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