Ich spreche Deutsch (kinda)

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  1. Your words towards the end there really help a lot. Right now, I am trying to get through my first novel, and I constantly question myself and my efforts as to being worth it. I can’t count how many times I have stopped writing and walked away because of those thoughts. I will push through!

  2. Hey Hugh

    great post … no BS just as it is. Really excited about you coming to Auckland on Monday night and sharing your story. Finished my first novel see http://www.trysoftaproductions.com/
    Am two thirds through my second so looking forward to sharing it with a fellow sea farer.

    Thanks for all of your inspirations

    Fair winds


  3. Wonderful interesting interview… thanks and all the best from yout second fanbase Germany ^^

  4. Hey Hugh, it was really good talking to you in Berlin where you visited us at audible.de. We were all very thrilled by your visit and there are a few more big Hugh Howey Fans here in Germany. Thanks for sharing the interview! Take care!
    Best wishes, Gabriele

  5. Dan Dan The Art Man Avatar
    Dan Dan The Art Man

    Awesome interview. Very inspiring. Writing my fourth novel and feel like I’m just now starting to get a grasp on how this is done. Thanks for being such an awesome inspiration! And thanks for writing stories we cant get enough of.

  6. Sehr gutes Interview, Herr Howey !

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