Audiobook Auditions!

The first auditions for the Wool audiobook are rolling in, and they are superb! I already have a favorite. I’m hoping we can agree to terms and start production. The voice acting she pulled off was SICK!

I should add how frickin’ surreal it was to hear something *I* wrote being read by a professional. It made my temperature go up. It just felt so strange. I hope I never get used to these things or lose my sense of wonderment in all the newness!

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  1. So I am guessing we don’t get to hear it… Damn… but anywho… this is awesome news!!!

    1. You’ll get to hear it when it’s done! ;)

    2. I might inquire, if we do go into production, if I can share the audition tape and do a Q&A with the narrator. I think readers would be interested to hear her side of things…

      1. That’s a neat idea. You gotta get on the ball with this :D Screwy eyes means an audiobook is the only way I’m going to get to experience this book. The 930 5-Star reviews on Amazon have me psyched.

  2. Your mean… XP

    I think it would be awesome! Q&A’s with professionals are always awesome to read… hear… what ever… XD

  3. yep yep yep – I hear the train a comin’…….

  4. That is great news! I have personally never listened to an audio book. For some reason, I feel like it would get annoying and I enjoy the old fashioned way of reading a book. However, I may be willing to give it a try for WOOL.

    1. I thought I’d feel the same way, but once I took on an office job with an hour daily commute I gave in. Now I love it and have favorite narrators.

  5. And I just got a car with a working CD player again! …I have kids, I can’t normally have nice things, that is reserved for them, and my wife… ;) I may have to try this audiobook thing out on my commute to work!

    1. ROFL….cd player?….try or get app and download cheaper and the player is the s*$t. Got book marks and favorite spot marks…plus u rate books and then they sugest. Highly recomend you check it out. Once its on your phone you wont even dread dr waiting rooms :)

  6. Love me some audio books. Looking forward to release.

  7. I just read the review on Wool in EW Summer Double Issue 2012, I am looking forward to the audio cd. Do you know when it will be available to me. Hopefully, this summer so that I can enjoy it via my car.

    1. I hope by the end of July. It’s in production right now.

  8. It’s August, any progress with those audiobooks? I couldn’t find anything…

    1. The final edits are being made right now. It has taken longer than I expected.

      I’m hoping we’re just a couple weeks away. It stinks, because I think we had our peak interest in an audiobook two months ago. :(

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