Bah Humbug! More Blasted Sand!

13 responses to “Bah Humbug! More Blasted Sand!”

  1. Still laughing at what you used to open the box. I’m sure you can find a katana.for book three proof.

  2. Now THAT box opener is what Alton Brown would call a multi-tasker!

  3. I am completely enthraled with the world of Wool. I loved Molly, too I love that you allow others to add stories of this low. Is sand related to one of those?

  4. Your letter opening technique is mad. I’m not sure how you still possess ten digits!
    Keenly awaiting my copy of part one which was sent by Amazon today!

  5. Hugh, I have a chainsaw I can lend you if you need to open any letters.

    1. Tempting!

      I can’t wait to see where this inside joke goes next. Maybe the emergency room!

      1. I am wondering what people must be thinking if this is the first unboxing video they’ve seen from you haha. Nice job dead-panning it the whole way through, you didn’t even crack a smile!

        BTW, I am really enjoying Sand thus far, about to start on book 2 this evening.

  6. Can I cast my vote?

    Samurai sword.

    Just sayin …

  7. All is well, but… but what should people living in, for example, Europe do? I think it will take a while until Sand appear in (which I am using although I am not living in Germany). Aren’t you going to let us purchase Sand ebooks from your website?

    1. Eventually, yes. Once it’s completed.

  8. Merry Christmas, by the way!

  9. Your box opening technique is an anxiety trigger for me. You can help that by publishing Sand 3. Like, now. We’ll be even. Finished Sand 2 last night with a “did not see THAT coming”. (P.S. Bella = not impressed) Happy and Merry!

    1. It should be up before the end of the year. A full two weeks ahead of schedule! :)

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