• Mast Stepping

    Mast Stepping

    No, “mast stepping” is not a dance you do on the deck of a sailboat. It’s the job of hoisting and placing the mast, which on Wayfinder is “deck stepped.” That means the mast rests on a plate right on the fiberglass decking. This is a tricky job at St. Francis Marine, as it requires… Continue reading

  • The Music of Wayfinder

    The Music of Wayfinder

    Music and sailing are inextricably linked for me. When I think of sailing my first sailboat, Xerxes, around the Bahamas, I think of Miles Davis, Jimmy Buffett, Lauryn Hill, the Beatles, Jump Little Children, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Nirvana, and Pink Floyd. Those were the albums that got the most play in my little marine… Continue reading

  • The Galactic Guide to Hitchhikers

    The Galactic Guide to Hitchhikers

    A dozen or so South Africans stand on the same quadrant of the traffic circle that leads out of St. Francis Bay towards Humansdorp. There’s a small rain shelter nearby. It looks like a bus stop, but there are no buses here in St. Francis Bay. There is no public transportation at all. There are just… Continue reading

  • The Wayfinder Build: Part 11 – The Home Stretch

    The Wayfinder Build: Part 11 – The Home Stretch

    In addition to giving you an update on the boat’s progress, I thought I’d show you what my typical day is like here in St. Francis Bay, South Africa. It starts when I wake up to this. It’s the view from my bed at Sands Resort in St. Francis Bay. The service here is remarkable. Hot… Continue reading

  • Wayfinder Build: Part 10 – Video Tour

    Wayfinder Build: Part 10 – Video Tour

    I landed in South Africa today after a long series of flights from San Francisco. As soon as I got in my rental car, I drove straight to the boat yard in St. Francis Bay. With my camera in hand, I walked through the boat for the first time in twelve weeks. We are probably… Continue reading