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Chicago Tonight!

Looking forward to a return to the Windy City. We had a great Meet-Up here in the summer. Tonight’s event is at The Book Cellar at 7:00. I’ll also be on the PBS affiliate at 7, so if you can’t be at the bookstore, tune in to “Chicago Tonight.” This bit of trickery will finally explain how I get so much writing done and still respond to your emails and FB posts. I have a twin!

(or tape delay)

Dinner will be at Trattorio Trullo – 4767 North Lincoln Avenue at 5:30. Right near The Book Cellar.

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Can’t wait!

Chicago Friends – Hugh’s getting on a plane, so he wanted me to post and let you know… the dinner meetup is at Trattorio Trullo, 5:30 pm (til the signing at 7pm), 4767 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 (a couple blocks down from the Book Cellar).

chicago gets you twice and st. louis gets you never.
do you just have a thing for jailed governors and terrible baseball teams?

Any plans to return for another signing in Chicago? Lincoln Square is an awesome area, but is kind of a pain to get to for people who don’t actually live on the north side, especially on a work day with all the traffic. Really…it’s way up there. A weekday signing closer to the Loop would be fantastic. Anyways, just a hopeful (and somewhat selfish) suggestion. Congrats on the book!

Ok, I skipped school and I’m gonna make the 2 hour drive. Just can’t let this opportunity pass. Hope to see you soon. Save a spot for me!

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