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Another Full House!

Great event in Kansas City at Rainy Day Books. What a wonderful crowd and fantastic staff. And Dick, my guide since I landed, was a pleasure to spend the day with. Thanks to all who came out. If their reaction was any guide, you should try and make it to one of my next stops. These things have been a blast.

Another picture after the break…

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The event was great! I don’t know who had more fun. Us (the audience), or Hugh. It was definitively the most fun I have ever had in a bookstore.

If Hugh is coming to your city make a point to go see him!

They are from website. I am the dweeb in the front with the Mids shirt. I’m not sure if all of the original designs are still available, but that’s where you can find them.

The one with “I’m a Woolite But I don’t clean” is exhilarating :)

Hugh, Are those designs yours or approved by you?

I don’t know which was better – listening to Hugh or watching him devour a BBQ sandwich bigger than his head!

Hugh is an amazing guy and very entertaining. Don’t miss the opportunity to go if at all possible.

Had a great time. Can’t wait to do it again. For a little guy he can put away the food.

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