Coming Soon?

Another stunning piece from Nicole (Nisays). I danced around my house when I first saw this. Just needs an “R” rating and all that gibberish at the bottom that no one reads.

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  1. Oh… that’s got summer block buster written all over it… and sure would beat the hell out of the crap that’s been coming out of Hollywood lately

  2. You’re going to accumulate a legion of artists following everything you do, and then drawing, painting, or making some sort of visual representation of it.

  3. Crap… I wrote all that while thinking “I love this!” which was what I actually meant to comment.

    I do that a lot… normally I don’t catch it so quickly.

  4. I want this on a poster… Honestly I do… Badly…

    Now I need to get back to work on my project… I am feeling a little left out here… XD

  5. This is much better thanthe blue cover

  6. That piece rocks! Would definitely make an awesome t-shirt.

  7. I thought i shoukd add that i was not bashing the blue cover i was only saying that as a graphic design teacher i see that nicole has a much better understanding of typography, of spacialization and of semiotics.
    Plus she showed a high level of theoretical and technical knowledge. When you look at her poster and at the blue cover you would think she used less effects because it looks more ‘natural’ but she actually used more and while they affect perception they don’t show, which is the aim and a very difficult thing to do. Bravo!

  8. Just to defend my bit… The Typography was an example of a layout and was never meant to be what should have been there… Not saying your not right, just defending my self… you know… cos it’s what your meant to do…

  9. Oh, and to clear some confusion… Hopefully… This is not something for the cover of First Shift… this is what SHOULD be on the box of the complete box set of the Silo Stories… You know… when the Shift Trilogy is done and the final book(s) is/are done… They should come out in a box set… with this on the box… nudge nudge, wink wink… XD

    (all the words in this post are of the post authors [Kitten] own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of the Author or Artist… Including this disclaimer… XD)

  10. Ah, I was afraid something like this might happen.

    As with the First Shift cover, I was mindful not to post my version of it out of respect to those who worked on it. Everyone has their own vision for things, but in the end we’re all fans here. Any thing like this that I personally send in is just my own visual interpretation of what I consider fan art. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s not meant to usurp anybody else’s design aesthetics to replace covers because it wasn’t made with that in mind. It’s just some fun, made up propaganda for a movie or TV series that I wish that would happen like… right now.

    Come on, guys! IT will shut down the internet if we tread down this path.

  11. Oh, yeah, I would love to see this on the cover of the box set.

    It would also make a nice cover for Book #9. I’m thinking “The Silo Wars” for that series. Still up in the air.

  12. I don’t know nothing ’bout no semiotic spatialization, but I do know that this poster is totally rad!

    So is the David Adams one. Before long, this site will need a dedicated section just to house all this awesome art.

    1. Agreed! I need to make a “fan art” page. I’ll get on that soon.

  13. Oh don’t worry about me… I took no offence to the guys comments, hell… he is right… well, about my part… I.e. your text is better than my text, no contest there… I was just pointing out that I made the text look like that more as an example than as something that I thought looked good… cos… well… I used that default font that comes with windows… the three titles I made after that… I like those (not that anyone has seen them… they kinda got buried quickly by new and more exciting blog entries (not that they had an entry of their own… but you get what I mean… I am fighting with a chromed silo here… [Hugh should know what I mean by this… XD] so my brain aint thinking striate…) but yeah… I do, in part agree with Andre, where it comes to my part…

    So yeah… I took no offence… so don’t worry about me… I am Australian… easy going and all that! XD

    But Nicole… I say you should show us your cover… it’s irrelevant now as for being an actual cover and you have more freedom than what Mike did as he was working from within an idea of Hugh’s and quite frankly did a effing (Self censorship… fuck yeah… oh damn…) great job… but still… we all love to see each others art… Well… I wanna see it anyways… don’t know bout anyone else…

    But besides that… lets get back to the issue at hand…

    SILO WARS… if you write that I will love you forever Hugh… FOREVER!!!

  14. Oooo… Yes… Please…

  15. @Kitten: What I did was just a reiteration of the cover that was worked on. I only asked for the .psd to help solve the E-Book conundrum that Hugh seemed to be having. But having said that, the manner in which I moved stuff around led me to rearrange things such as the Title text to better fit the layout. I worked from within the existing .psd so there was little “freedom” there. :P

  16. Wow! Nicole this is COOL! Great job. It would make a cool poster for sure. I really like it alot. I bet you had a good time creating it and you did an amazing job with it. LOVE it!

  17. Oh no! I didnt mean to offend anyone nor to ask for a cover change jor anything like that!
    I was giving some very deserved praise to good indie work. Here in europe there ae lots of people who say indie work isn’t good enough, and this is just one of those moments when i say: see? I believe in people’s drive to improve and etc…
    I am starting the new book tonight, can’t wait!

  18. Btw! Just imagine someone with a very funny french accent. That is me! Then imagine me saying all those things i wrote. Did it? Doesnt it lose importance in the general scheme of things? ;)

  19. @ Andre: LMAO! You’re so right. Using a french accent on your comments make them very amusing. But that probably has more to do with me hearing “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” french accents than anything else.

  20. Now THAT’S a t-shirt I would buy in a heartbeat!! Make it just like that, Hugh. Grayish on black fabric. And none of those cheesy “ringer” T-s! Make it a high-quality, heavy-weight T. I know they cost more, but I’m picky about my T-shirts!! LOL . Or, yeah, you know, it would do for a movie, too. LMAO!

    Great work, Nicole!!

  21. Thanks for the compliments, everyone! Hugh’s got a lot of talented fans out there bar none. I’ve made t-shirts before in the past for different occasions and I’ve got some ideas in my head for some. But I don’t want to overstep my boundaries just as a fan though!

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