This Friday Night at The Tin Roof!

The Tin Roof has been my author HQ all the way back to my very first novel. There’s no other place to release a new book or read from an upcoming work. A few months ago, I read the first chapter of WOOL on stage at the Tin Roof before just about anyone had heard of the series. Now I’ll be coming “home” with a new book released and some upcoming stuff to tease.

Even better: The print edition of FIRST SHIFT might be in my hand by the time I hit the stage. They are printed by CreateSpace right there in Charleston. Twenty copies have a decent chance of shipping in time to flaunt them at the bar.

Still not decided on what all I’m reading. It might be 100% zombie at the Tin Roof. I could read the first chapter of WOOL 9 for the ultimate tease. I’ll probably decide an hour before I step behind the microphone.

If you can’t be there, but you know someone in the Charleston area, tell them to come out and hang with us on Friday. I can promise they’ll have a good time.

8 responses to “This Friday Night at The Tin Roof!”

  1. Any chance this might be recorded and made available to those of us more than 9 hours and 35 minutes away? I don’t think I’ll be able to make the jaunt down from Baltimore, even though the thought of I, Zombie is enough to make me drool.

    1. I could try and get someone to record it, sure.

  2. We could carpool, Zygote! But wait… are you even _old_ enough to drive?

    And by drool, you mean crave for human flesh, right?

  3. By the year 2049, at the ripe old age of 85, I will be lucky enough to not have my drivers license revoked by then. I’m hopeful that I’ll still be able to make the drive down to Georgia to check out this Operation 50 nonsense I keep hearing about in my conspiracy circles.

    Human flesh, cat flesh … mmmm tasty … Hugh could easily pen the next Southern Bible Cookbook, for Zombies.

  4. I NEED you to stream this dude… Come on… I am even worse off… Australia and all…

  5. @Zygote: LOL. Also, I was making a jab at your nickname! It’s awesome that you’re able to type messages at such an early stage of development. Hahahaha.

    And yes, recording it would be really nice for people who aren’t able to go for reasons such as work or distance. Or both! Please do!

  6. Definitely see if you can get someone to record it Hugh. Would be great to see!

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