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  1. Enjoy your home time, Hugh. I guess we can stop pestering you about DUST now, right?

    Let us know when you have East Coast dates… I can make either the Boston or New York stop work. In between, you might consider the excellent indie bookstore R.J. Julia in Madison, CT, which has a strong following. And if you have time for a little fun, set up a date with Bunch of Grapes Bookstore on Martha’s Vineyard. You can do some sailing while you’re there.

    1. Yes, do stop by R.J. Julia, a well-respected indie that draws top-notch talent. (Joyce Carol Oates spoke there last night.) Added bonus: Madison is a picturesque town on the water with nearby lobster/clam shacks. Can’t beat that!

  2. Toronto! It’s sort of in the neighbourhood.

  3. You *SCOFFED* at me when I suggested we needed an audiobook on CD. I believe you and Amber directed me to Audible … after you stopped laughing.

    Seriously, though, is S&S contracting for a Book on CD version? Because my library needs it, and we can’t do a thing with the Audible version…

  4. I’ve added the four Molly Fyde books to my Goodreads To Read list! Trying to delay gratification and hold off on Shift while you’re working on Dust so there’s not as much time in between. Also, LOOOOVE audiobooks!! Sounds like 16+ hours well spent…will have to check it out (because one can never get enough Wool….talked to my brother today and plan on sending him a copy so he can share in the goodness!)

  5. Drone all the way down there at rush hour no less, just to find out that the directions I got from MapQuest and some locals were all wrong. Spent an hour trying to find the place. As you know the street signs are so old that they can’t be read in the dark if they even have one.

    Anyway, If you have time to do a lunch with the wife and I that would be cool. If not, let me know by email (if you still have my address) otherwise I’ll mail the books I would like you to sign before you go down under. Just don’t board flight 318 on the way home from Aussie land.:)

  6. It was great meeting you – good luck digging through all of your mail (I know I added to that landslide) before your trip down under.

  7. Ooh, ooh. Porter Square Books in Cambridge. It’s where Neil Gaiman goes when he’s in town.

    1. Yes! That’s a great store.

      1. Side thought… how cool would it be to have a “panel” of Neil and Hugh?Both willing to experiment with the distribution of their ideas. (Master and apprentice).

        1. Awesome suggestion. Where does Neil live?

  8. Just ordered my fourth copy of WOOL from Amazon!! I have this nasty habit of giving them away to everybody.

    1. I need to get on your list. :)

  9. I love the wool series. Hurry up with Dust. I can’t wait! Great job on the books. They would make a great movie.

  10. I doubt you have absolute control over your stops, but just in case . . . Come to Portland, Maine!!! Some great indie booksellers up here. Bullmoose does a great job of putting on events like this.

  11. I see you mentioned an Australian trip.

    What cities are you visiting, Perth by any chance?

  12. I know that this is an old thread, but I agree with Patrice and J. Bayfield about coming to RJ Julia in Madison, CT the next time you do book signings etc in the Northeast. It is a great independent bookstore and seems to attract many top notch authors. I’ll feel stupid posting this if you have already been there…it has been a while since I checked the RJ Julia newsletter. Plus I live in Madison so it would be sooooo convenient for me :)

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