One last event tonight in Miami, Florida, and then it’s straight for my bed. I hope to see a nice crowd at Books & Books here in Coral Gables. Amber and Bella will be in attendance, a very rare treat for me. The talk starts at 8:00, but I’ll be there early just to revel in the area’s best bookstore.

6 responses to “Home.”

  1. Have a great time! I know you have to be really glad that this trip is over. Amber and Bella are going to be very happy having you home.

  2. Welcome back to Florida!! See you at Books and Books (hoping my pups will get to meet Bella :))

  3. Welcome home – home sweet home…


    And ship my signed books :-)))

    Just joking. Hopefully you can now spend some time in doing things you like to do!

    All the best for you!

    German-Fan-Base ^^

  4. GOOD!!
    Stop touring, start writing.

    While your at it, stop walking the dog, doing yard work, going to the beach, exercising, watching the tv, sleeping late, and pleasuring your wife. Takes time away from writing…

  5. Rest up, Hugh! You deserve it. Didn’t I see you mention Australia coming up? But I guess you have some time before that. They’re gonna love you down under!

    And if you could finish DUST before you go… ;-)

  6. Thanks again for the visit to Charleston! I had a really great time. I’ve just posted to my blog about the event and why it meant a lot to me. I included a photo of your friend’s son while he was reading the paragraph from Wool. If you want a copy, let me know and I’ll fire off a full res version to you.

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