Don’t let this be you.

Brian the Dog has left our Technicolor Earth. He never finished his novel. Don’t let this be you.

RIP Brian. May suffering ratings bring you back.

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  1. First Robert Jordan and now this!

  2. I thought he finally published it, and it was called Faster Than the Speed of Love?'s_Writing_Career

    (And it was terrible.)

    1. Goes to show how behind I am on my TV watching!

  3. Rita Jinkins Post Avatar
    Rita Jinkins Post

    Oh NOOOOOOOOO! Without cable we forget to catch up on our favorite shows. They HAVE to bring poor Brian back. We named our first (white) Prius Brian in his honor.

  4. He published his first book, “Faster Than the Speed of Love”, as someone else mentioned. He also published his second book, “Wish It, Want It, Do It”, which was a NYT bestselling self-help book. He wrote it in a few hours mostly as a joke.

    Also, Brian was run over by a Prius that matched his own. Brian is not really dead, people!

  5. Hugh, as a first-time novelist working on his first book, I’d love for you to write a blog on the journey of writing your first novel. How long it did take you? What did you learn from that first book that enabled you to write the second, third? As a fan of your work, I’d greatly appreciate your perspective. Thanks, Ryan

    1. Great idea. I think you’d be upset at the answer, though. I wrote my first rough draft of Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue in 7 days. In another 7 days, I fleshed it out to the 100,000 word manuscript that you see today. Writing has gotten progressively harder over time.

      1. You’re right. I’m pissed at this answer. Three years, and I’m still working on my first novel. lol… your speed is inspiring, though.

      2. Painful answer. Isn’t “supposed” to get easier?

  6. Thank you for posting that clip — my favorite clip in the history of TV. I used to quote it at least once a month, to any friends I felt needed a little push in their writing execution… I forgot it recently but will put it back in the forefront of my mind! I need to hear it myself sometimes… :-)

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