Dust: August 17th

In case any of you enterprising and impatient cats are searching Amazon occasionally, don’t flip out when you see the product page for DUST. It’s just a pre-order page. The book will release on August 17th, which gives me plenty of time to write it, have it edited, and get the physical edition proofed.

That means August 18th is the day I resume work on the next Molly book!

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    1. Only the coolest of the cool kids know it as Wool 9!

  1. Will this be released in print form?

  2. Darn !! I have jury duty on the 14th, I guess I’ll have to take SHIFT with me to re-read instead.

    Pre-ordered DUST, just to make sure I don’t miss it when it’s released, and to let ‘zon know “WhoDaMan”.

  3. Is Dust the last in the series, or is Sand the last? Or will the series go on forever?

    1. Dust will be the end from me. But the worlds will live on through fan fiction, I have a feeling.

      1. Bonnie S. Calhoun Avatar
        Bonnie S. Calhoun

        No!!!!! You can’t stop writing Wool!!!! I need a 10 thru 20!!!!!! Pretty please!!!!!!

  4. I tried to pre-order Dust today, and got a message on Amazon.com that I couldn’t do so with a gift card. What is this madness?

    1. Weird. Just wait until the 17th, maybe?

    2. I don’t think they charge you until they ship it, so I imagine they don’t allow gift cards for pre-order because it might be empty by then?

      1. Like I said, I’ve pre-ordered other things on Amazon.com with a gift card. With that purchase, they DID take the money out of the gift card at the point of sale, NOT when it shipped.

        1. Oops, sorry. I got confused with my Amazon forum post, where I mentioned I’ve used gift cards for other pre-orders. Just so disappointed that I have to wait till Dust is released before I can purchase it.

  5. Too late, I’m already freaking out. But at least my pre order is now complete!

  6. Awesome news Hugh, you are truly a writing machine! Do you know what kindle release dates. Will be outside of the US ( specifically in the UK) or will this be a global release?

    1. I think the UK will also release the e-book Aug 17. The print version will come in October.

  7. I am so psyched for this. Can’t remember the last time I was so psyched for something. Instant pre-order.

  8. Hi Hugh,

    A couple weeks ago I heard the tail-end of an interview on XM and I heard “self-pubbed” and “movie” and I had to find out more. :)

    On the reader-side, I loved the Wool short story, and the Half-Way Home and Plagiarist novels. I thought they were beautiful and haunting. I know I’m probably in the minority with this request but any plans to Nano more self-contained stories? I can’t explain but there’s something so nice about finishing a story and having it be this complete thing, that just sort of lives on after you’ve finished reading the last page.

    On the writer-side, I was also hoping you would share whether you ever considered Kindle Singles for your short story? From what I can tell it would allow me to keep 70% of the profits even for 99c stories. But have you heard any downside to doing this?

    I really appreciate all the advice- I’ve been snagging all sorts of useful bits from your blog. I’m no longer waffling back and forth between trad vs. self-pub (mainly thanks to you). (I don’t want to spend years on the slush pile to earn a few months spine out, remaindered, but all my rights tied up because I missed an obscure clause that stole them.) Plus, $15.00 for an e-book? LOL. They really need to let authors handle that part because they don’t get it.

    Thank you again,

    1. Hey Etta,

      I love the Singles program. I have one Single out now: THE WALK UP NAMELESS RIDGE. And I’m writing more short stories for anthologies. I have two that are already published: EXECUTABLE and DEEP BLOOD KETTLE. Another, HELL FROM THE EAST was submitted this week. The reason I’m writing these is because anthologists are asking, but I plan to collect them and sell them singly at a later date. I love the short form. I’ll be getting back to that after I finish a couple of novels.

      Thanks for the kind words and best of luck with your writing!


      1. Perfect- thank you so much for your response. I will definitely check those out!

  9. Hi Hugh!
    It has probably been over a year since I posted on here-last time was probably November 2011.

    So is Dust also going to be a 3 part series or is this it? When we “pre-order” are we getting a signed copy, or do we have to order those a different way? I would like to have a signed copy to complete the rest of my collection!

    I can’t WAIT for the new Molly book to come out! It looks like you are almost done. Speaking of Miss Molly, is there still a way to get signed Molly Fyde books? I haven’t really looked around the website too much yet, so these might be stupid questions (and as a teacher, I can tell you that, yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question).

    1. Hey Jill! Good to hear from you.

      Dust will be a single book the size of a thick novel. It will end the series.

      There will be signed copies available. I’ll get that link up in July. The Molly books will also be available to be signed. Also up in July, maybe sooner.

      GREAT questions! ;)

  10. Can’t wait to read Dust! Are you going to have a version with the Fallout Shelter symbol on the cover? I have that cover on my Wool and Shift copies and would like to complete the collection.

    1. That would be great! You are right, it would look really nice next to my other first editions on the shelf..

      1. Daniel Walker Avatar

        I would love that too! I have the original yellow omnibus and the original blue shift books so that would be splendid indeed. Splendid indeedarooni! I also found the 2nd of the Wool series (2 of 5) and picked it up for 35 bucks. Not so bad! One down and five to go. Why have I become so fucking obsessed with finding them? Me and my Western priorities.


  11. Are you planning another radioactive cover for the physical?

  12. Best Cover Yet!! Really loved how simple yet captures a complete story. Encompasses the feeling of impending doom and the erosion of things that were once mighty. Can’t wait till the 8/17/13!

  13. Please tell me this will also be in the iBookstore – I have all the other volumes on my iPad (the download time was way faster & I was impatient).
    Looking forward with great anticipation!
    – aggie

  14. Thomas Cardin Avatar

    I can’t wait, but I will have to, to read Dust. I know when you wrote the first Wool novelette that it was a complete deal. It was its super popularity that prompted you to write the next books. My question for you is: at what point in all that is the Wooliverse did you know what Dust was going to be?

  15. I’m torn between my excitement for DUST and my anticipation for Molly’s return! :)

  16. Oh no!
    This will be a problem!
    You see, I read slowly and I’m getting maried on the 22, what should I do? Do you think the gusts will understand my absence? My fiancé on the other hand will, she just started reading Wool, and just met Juliet, she to is hooked :)

    Thank you for your books, and thanks for giving a dame about your readers, that isn’t trivial…


    1. Read it on the honeymoon! haha

  17. Pre-ordered. Now I have peace in my soul.

  18. I’m stoked . . .

  19. Three cheers for Molly Fyde!

  20. So does this mean the audiobook will be out in August 2014? :(
    Just got the audio of Shift this morning and I’m already about 4hrs in.

    1. It does take longer. I hope not that long!

      1. I just finished the Audible of Shift last week and went looking for Dust. I was so happy to find out that I didn’t have long to wait for print publication. I hope the audio version of Dust comes out soon.

  21. Oh Snap!!!! These will be the longest three months of my life!!!!!

  22. Wow! You are such a great writer. You probably hear that a lot but I have never been so absorbed in a book(s) before. I was just introduced to the Wool series when school got out (May 24th) and I have just finished reading The Shift Omnibus right now

  23. I’m relatively new to the Kindle world, and came across Wool quite by chance a couple of weeks ago. I think I saw a poster for it at a random train station! Was completely hooked, and flew straight into Shift and demolished that too before realising Dust was not yet released! August 17 cannot come round soon enough…!!!!

  24. I absolutely love the entire series. Thank you for providing hours of unparalleled enjoyment. I’m curious when “Dust” will be released for iBook?

  25. First time I have ever pre ordered a book. Can’t wait to dive back into the world of Wool and Shift. Thanks for bringing me back to this genre after I had just about given up hope on originality.

  26. Amazon shows Dust as a paperback. I have hardbacks of both Wool and Shift and would dearly love to complete the Silo collection in hardback. Will there be a hardback edition of Dust?

    1. There will. Random House in the UK is making one, and it’ll be out in October!

      1. Argh! Not soon enough! Will need to order the paperback, or read Wool and Shift again to keep me occupied until October. :-(

  27. Really glad that you posted this as I was just flipping out…. :-D

    Ive been counting the days until the 17th!!

    Rainbow Blessings!

  28. I only discovered the series three weeks ago and ended up reading both Wool and Shift over two consecutive weekends. I’m really, really looking forward to Shift. It’s been a long time since I’ve come across a sci-fi writer that’s kept me so engaged, thanks for writing the books.

    I’m going to read The Walk Up Nameless Ridge tonight and I’ve also bought Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet after seeing it mentioned on your blog.I’ll likely get around to reading it after Dust.

    Roll on Saturday.

  29. “I’m really, really looking forward to Dust” is what I meant to say. I could do with an editor. : )

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