The next few weeks…

…are gonna be nuts. This upcoming week is my last week to get things straightened here in Boone. I should get a normal amount of writing done. As you can see over there on the left, I’m well over halfway done with I, ZOMBIE. It is as unreadable as ever. I feel sorry for any poor sap who downloads this looking for any sort of literary enjoyment.

Next Tuesday, I’m flying to New York to meet with a Random House marketing director from the UK. We’re gonna sit down and look at one of those world map jobbies with all the little figurines and sort out the proper route to world domination. Or eat fish tacos and grab a beer, I’m not sure which.

I also have a date with a major publisher, who is trying to woo me over to their side of the fence. Should be interesting to hear what they have to say. It’ll give me a chance to catch up with my agent extraordinaire, Kristin Nelson, who is in NY for a month. Flying up on someone else’s dime and knocking out several meetings in one trip is very comforting. Having this pop up the week before I move to another state is something else.

When I land back in Charlotte, it won’t be to come to Boone. Nope. My crazy schedule continues. I land at midnight on Thursday. ConCarolinas starts the very next day. So, a night at my dad’s old farm, and then up to Charlotte to attend some panels, film screenings, nighttime gatherings, and all the awesomeness of an SF convention for three days. If you’re in the area, come join us.

That ends on Sunday. At 7:00 AM on Monday, we pick up our U-Haul truck. The rest of the day is spent packing and cleaning. On Tuesday, we hit the road at 5:00 AM and get to our new house in Jupiter. We’ll arrive around 6:00 or 7:00 that night, move a handful of things in, pass out from exhaustion, and wake up in a new state the next day. Unpack, unpack, unpack, return the truck, maybe paint some walls.

We’ll have two weeks to make repairs and get the house sorted before our trip to the Bahamas to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. I hope to be truly out of contact for this week, but I doubt that’s likely. Hopefully our house in Boone will have closed on June 8th, and I’ll be able to vacation without any stress.

On July 9th, I head up to Charlotte for our annual family reunion at Pleasant Grove Campground. The UK e-book will have been out for a month at this point. I, ZOMBIE should be out as well. I’ll be writing SECOND SHIFT: ORDER at this time, aiming for an early September release.

Speaking of early September, that’s right about time for ChiCon7, which I’ll be attending. And the Miami Book Fair is in November. The pre-launch hype machine will be cranked up for the UK release of the Wool hardback at this point. January should see the release of that book, plus the final SHIFT entry. So, to start 2013, I’ll be back to Wool 9, writing about Juliette and Solo, and torturing you all with snippets here and there.

Damn. That’s not the next few weeks; that’s the rest of my year! And it ignores a likely trip to Hollywood to discuss a possible screenplay. Well, here’s hoping the second half of 2012 is as awesome as the first half has been. Mega-thanks to each and every one of you for turning my life upside down and shaking me by the ankles. It’s been the most awesome several months of my existence (ignoring the time I spent on Isla de Providencia, marooned in paradise).

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  1. Makes me feel hectic just reading that schedule. If you accompish all that you guys should audition for the “Amazing Race”. Yum, fish tacos my fave. According to Eric Ripert you should try Mercadito Cantina…
    I’m embarrassed that you are writing faster than I can read. Trying to catch up.

  2. Thank you for putting such an open and honest face on indie publishing. Your storytelling is the stuff of classics. Your delight at the success combined with your humble demeanor is admirable and inspiring. What an AMAZING journey you are on, HH.

  3. I’m exhausted just reading about it! And what you’ve left out is all of the many opportunities and requests for your time which HAVE YET TO PRESENT THEMSELVES, but are sure to follow (i.e., TV appearances, cover shoots, etc.) :-) You have no idea yet, my friend…. Here’s wishing you can ENJOY all of it, make time for the things that truly matter, and block out the noise. Hugs.

  4. You ladies are much too sweet.

  5. That’s a seriously hectic schedule, but all for good things. Most of that is actually part of your job now. Awesome indeed. As long as you’ve got straight that the really important thing is the anniversary vacation. I believe we should all sit here and watch to make sure you don’t post a single word during that trip.

    And we can talk about you while you’re gone. :)

  6. I agree, Deb. LOL We should do that while he is on vacation!

  7. ChiCon? as in Chicago? Sweet, I’m only a couple hours away. Maybe Mike and Lisa will plan to go. I haven’t seen Mike in years.

  8. Maybe you weren’t adressing me, but sjosephm isn’t a lady. And dressing in drag doesn’t count.

  9. It works! Now, with my luck, you’ll be too busy to post anything! Let us know how ChiCon goes…I’ve always wanted to attend one of those.

  10. Oh! Oh you changed the comment form back again! Thank you — I couldn’t before.

    It all sounds so exciting; you’ve worked so hard for this. It’s wonderful when the hard work pays off.

    1. Sorry, Ellie, but it was an experiment. I woke up to a dozen spam messages overnight! I need to figure out how to fix this commenting mess. Still looking for a WordPress web developer to update my site and make it function better. :(

  11. Phew!! Crazy schedule. Welcome to little Jupiter!! Check out Guanabanas on the river and Jupiter Island at low tide when you can walk under the bridge. Beautiful. On pins and needles till next Wool installment!! But: No Working On Your Anniversary. We’ll be watching.

    1. We LOVE Guanabanas. That place is paradise. Have to check out Jupiter Island. That sounds right up my wife’s alley.

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