FIRST!!!! (Updated!)

Don’t you hate those annoying commenters who have to scream that they are first? They’re almost as bad as the people who have to shout that they were second! They don’t really have anything to contribute to the story; they just want to leave their mark. Forums and news sites are full of these dolts.

And now I’m one of them!


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In what might seem to some as a meaningless coincidence or a bit of good fortune (but to me is the damn awesomest bit of news this week), I just got an email from Amazon letting me know that the FIRST item shipped out of their new fulfillment center in California was A COPY OF WOOL!!!

How freakin’ badass is that? Or meaningless? I don’t know! But get this: The General Manager of the fulfillment center is slated to do interviews (plural) in the LA area today, and they are supposedly going to hold up a copy of WOOL and tout it as the first item shipped!

They’ve done this with other products in the past as they open up new facilities. It was a crockpot once. This time it’s my book. Well? Comments, anyone? Anything you’d like to say about this gallon of awesomesauce over here? Anything completely and absolutely predictable?

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  1. First!!! (For your first).

  2. VERY cool, Hugh! It’ll be even cooler when that same book is found later by the lost Chinese civilization that finally comes upon the ruins of Silo 1.

  3. Aw man, I was gonna be first and write a comment about how, by specifically not doing the thing you expected the first commenter to do, I was going to shatter your worldview and force you to reassess your entire outlook on the human race.

    Now it’s ruined.

    Damn you, Kevin. Damn you.

  4. I suppose you could have cooked this awesomesauce in that crockpot that was shipped first from the other center?

  5. You, sir, are on a roll!

  6. Go ahead and admit it, Hugh. In addition to illified storytelling, you have every good luck charm there is: rusted horse shoe, rabbit’s foot, a 7-leaf clover, a piece of a rainbow, and knowledge of which side of Amazon’s butt to kiss.* To say that your success is amazing is an understatement. We’re just glad that we’re in the rocket ship with you as it ascends into the stratosphere.

    Congratulations, Mr. Howey. Congratulations. Take a bow.

    *If that Amazon bit is true, I’m sure you’ll be telling us which side that is, and counseling on how to deliver the perfect peck. Right? ;)

  7. This should be a poll. I vote “badass”

    (Of course if it had been another crockpot it’d been “meaningless”.)

  8. Hey Hugh,


  9. LAST! (but not for long, I’m sure)

    1. Cherian Drouillard Avatar
      Cherian Drouillard

      Aww, I’m sorry :(

  10. Cherian Drouillard Avatar
    Cherian Drouillard

    Hahaha, that’s excellent. Much like you, sir. Rock on!

  11. Prediction: More people will buy your book, but that prediction would have come true even without the amazon thing. I guess I can’t take credit for being able to see into the future!

    As a fan of your writing, I am very excited more people will be exposed to your work.

    Prediction 2: In the far future, you will be an author that teenagers will hate to read. They will dread reading your books and having to take tests, write reports, and give presentations on them. You will have gotten so much attention that school systems will adopt your books to their required reading criteria, and teachers will rave about how awesome your book is while the students fight every fiber of their being to actually admit they love your stories.

  12. I’m so happy for you! Hugh I must say it has been a pleasure watching you grow as an author and getting to share in the excitement you feel over each accomplishment. I wish more writers were this in touch with their fans.

  13. Now that I am passed the password…

    FIRST!!!! But not last. Your Wool series is awesome and I know that, while it was the first out of the CA warehouse, it will not be the last one they ship. Carry on… I need to know what happens with Jimmy and Rickson!

  14. You are too funny, Hugh! First is good. Mostly. In this case, it’s fun.

    Not meaningless, but random. Enjoy the good luck!

  15. 13th! suck it, chumps!

  16. That news is so cool, I am gonna have to put my woolies on!

    That is better than listening to Gilbert Godfried read 50 Shades of Grey, as it was meant to be read.

  17. You can’t buy that kind of free advertising…y’know other than because it’s free.

  18. I hate the first thing so much, but yours is acceptable. lol

  19. 16th!

    Keep up the good work Hugh, got me back into reading (for pleasure) after (too) many years absence !

  20. Hugh, I think there’s a (Stephen King-like) horror story here (or at least an episode of Warehouse 13) about the magical powers of the first shipped product (sticking with the crockpot should be absurd enough), or simply the character exploration of the protagonist who imagines it has powers, and the hunt to acquire said talisman.

    //Tomi B.

  21. You deserve every ounce of success that comes your way, Hugh. You’re a true inspiration and I’m very proud of you, my friend.

  22. Hugh,
    Maybe you should write an alternative story where a group of survivors are living in an Amazon Fulfillment Centre! Would be fascinating! Obviously all copies of your books would already be sold so they wouldn’t find out what happened…

    Congrats anyway. Great promotion for you. Was it a hardback? They look awesome!

  23. Hey Hugh,

    Check out this site I found today.

  24. My Kindle told me I should read Wool Omnibus, obediently I clicked. I bought it and pushed the kiddies to read it. They said it kind of reminds them of The Giver meets The City of Ember. I think that was a compliment. They still don’t get why people clean. Were they feed a suggestive drug in that important last meal?

    I hope you continue the series. It works well for both young adults and adults. My kids make me spend a small fortune on their series books from The Warriors (those two ladies have a gold mine) to the Dresden Files.

    I think your writing really excelled when you were world building. I thought the descriptions, however brief if their customs and religions were tantalizing. Did all the silos still have the same culture. Is there a silo for each state? Lots of questions….

  25. It’s not even the best time to buy Wool…you can see the price history and sales rank history at this site

  26. Michael Flanagan Avatar
    Michael Flanagan

    Let’s hope it is the first of many firsts. Hey all the firsts have made me thirsty is it beer ‘o’ clock yet :)

    So when is the movie coming out??????

  27. On a side note I purchased First Shift instead of renewing Netflix, yes times are tough but priorities people priorities!

      1. I didn’t know you are a Templar knight as well, no wonder you spin such great yarns; now what to do with my new chalis… Sorry couldn’t resist.

  28. i called a friend today to suggest your books. I read all of them this week. If i had the luxury to do so, I would have read them in a single sitting. My favorite part of your writing is how quick you make u care about a character – even the minor ones. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

  29. Haha! I’m not first.. i’m last ;)

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