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For Those Who Like it Hard…

You might be out of luck! As you may know, Simon & Schuster are doing a simultaneous paperback and hardback release. I love the idea of this, as it gives more options to the reader. The problem is, they didn’t order very many hardbacks in the initial print run. They’ve already ordered a second printing, and the book isn’t even out yet!

I checked with my first book signing venue, and they’ve had quite a few pre-orders for hardbacks. One customer ordered TEN copies! This makes my heart sing, but it means you probably want to pre-order a hardback at the bookstore where I’ll be signing if you want to guarantee you’ll get one. I expect most stores will have more paperbacks than hardbacks. I’d hate for someone to drive a long way and not find the book they need once they get there!

See my calendar for where I’ll be and when, and give them a call. Or you can order a copy ahead of time as long as it’ll get to you before the event date. I think Simon & Schuster might be surprised by how many of the hardbacks they sell, especially when you see how gorgeous they are.

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Hmm, as someone who preordered this may make me cranky. Missed the yellow omnibus, now this? Woe is me.

But, good for you– keep defying expectations.

Hugh, since you won’t be going to Boston, what is the best way to get a signed copy of WOOL (hardcopy or paperback)?

I’d order from one of the bookstores he is signing at. Most deliver. I ordered mine from Murder by the Book in Houston, which is his second stop.

Thanks Hugh! I have a yellow book without your signature. I’d love to get that fixed. Should I let you know my travel plans so that you don’t visit Boston while I’m away?

Rainy Day Books in KC seemed to be fully prepared when I asked to upgrade one of my books to the hardback. Who knew Christmas was coming so soon this year!!!

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