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Free WOOL day is going well.

WOOL is currently the #1 “free” book in Science Fiction!

(This link will totally make no sense tomorrow.)

Edit: WOOL went to #9 in the entire “free” side of the Kindle store last night. Total downloads: 12,911. Now I’m hoping that 10% of those people will read the thing and 10% of them will not hate it.

That would be almost 130 new fans!

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Well think of it this way… I have no books in the top 20… so at least your beating me… Yes, admittedly I have no books… period… well none that will ever be published anyway… but anywho…

well, heck! I had to pay for my copy! But well worth it!! Bought the omnibus and as soon as its finished will get the next one.
Keep em comming….I am referring all my friends.

Oh I think you just topped that one…

#93 Wool, 1 day in the top 100

Congrats Hugh! Thats on the top 100 Kindle paid list – for everything.

Well done! Try not to forget us little people :)

A friend recommended Wool (Omnibus Edition) to me yesterday…and now I’m halfway through it, and I can’t stop reading it. It’s been a while since I could read for pleasure, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading. Thank you for writing something so wonderful and fascinating.

Thanks! And thank your friend for me.

Your job, once you’re done reading, will be to infect a few more people.

(WOOL is like one of those chain letters. Except . . . people actually enjoy reading it.) :)

Just found this site and blog after reading through Wool 1-5 in about a week. Recommended to everyone I know, and 2 of them so far have become just as into this story as I have. My recommendations have been taken so seriously that the Wool books are now on the reading list of everyone I know (everyone that reads, at least). Keep em coming!

I downloaded the Wool omnibus as my february prime membership freebie. I enjoyed it very much. I have yet to purchase it but will. I purchased the first Molly book last night. I’m finding the first bit of it difficult reading (action scenes are hard) but am confident it’s the first of a great series -and a new writer.

Thanks Hugh, I wouldn’t have learned of you (when I did) unless you’d made Wool available. I hope this becomes very successful for you.

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