NYC Meet-Up.

How many NYC fans do I have? Do both of you want to meet up in the city next week? My sister and I are going to be up for a while. Maybe you could meet us somewhere and do a little Time Warp to celebrate 200 mostly good reviews for WOOL.

Edit: The Meet-Up has been scheduled for Tuesday the 21st @ 6:00 PM. Come to the Rye House near Union Square.

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  1. I’d be up for it! And my mum who’s currently visiting from Australia would be even more so, if it’s before the 23rd (which is when she leaves). So there’s 2 of us at least. ;)

    1. We can do it before the 23rd.

  2. You know, Australia is a nice country… you should come visit some time… XD

    1. My wife and I are going to go on a world tour and surf the couches of WOOL readers.

      And blog about it.

  3. He he… now if only my couch wasn’t tiny… (We don’t use the lounge, the TV is in the bedroom… more Playstation that way… XD)

  4. There are WOOL readers in Japan (at least two: me and my wife), in case you need some ideas for planning your world tour ;)

    1. I’ll need to lay out a route and have everyone submit pictures of their sofas. :)

  5. Coming to the Chicago area anytime soon?

    1. I think I’m coming to ChiCon7 at the end of summer!

  6. I was going to send you a tweet that I should buy you a beer while you are here. Let me know where and when.

    1. We should pick a time and place that works for the people already interested and see who else can join. What are your favorite spots?

  7. Depends what kind of place you are thinking. Also, what neighborhood?

    1. No idea. I’m near Union Square, so I can get anywhere in a jiffy.

  8. Oh, crap. I really should read your blog posts in order. Is it cool to drop by the meet-up?

    1. Yes! We want as many people there as possible!

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