E-mail of the week!

Hi, Hugh.

Today I’ve been sneezing and blowing the nose due to seasonal allergies.
My 11-year old daughter asked if I was all right.

Me: Yeah, it’s just dust and other stuff in the air.
Her: Like Wool and Shift?
Me: :D

6 responses to “E-mail of the week!”

  1. How cool is it, that not only you and your fans but their kids are funny too?

  2. What a quick-witted kid. :)

  3. Can’t tell you enough how glad I am to have taken a chance on finding a new author to follow. I found your Wool series and couldn’t put it down. I just ordered Shift and Dust. Can’t wait to dig in. Oops I guess the book has left its effect on me. Your writing is right up there with the other authors I read Steve Berry, Matthew Riely, Cussler, McDermott,Baldaci,DeMille. I’ve already got my other friends hooked.

  4. Very nice!

  5. That must be exciting to have a child that gets into great writing and stories such as your silo saga. I cannot wait until my son is old enough to hopefully see the same thing.

  6. I see what you did there….”in the air”

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