Getting caught up…

It took three trips to get all the signed books into the post office today, but I’m finally caught up on that front. The commenting system on the website is much improved. The spam is being blocked, and it looks like everyone is able to log in and be a part of the conversation. Also, a very long streak of having something PR-related every single day seems to have wound down. There was someone to Skype with, podcast with, do a phone interview, etc., every single day this week and much of last week. Feels good to finally get caught up.

What else? Well, I guess these are my final days in Boone. I’ll leave on Monday for New York, come back to Charlotte for ConCarolinas (who’s coming?!) and then drive back up a week from Sunday, pack the truck on Monday, and hit the road.

If our house up here closes on the 8th, you’re gonna see a very happy author. I may even do a dance. There’ll be so much stress off my shoulders at that point that I’ll be able to really concentrate on writing my best prose possible, keeping up with all of you, and enjoying time with family.

I’m looking forward to that!

5 responses to “Getting caught up…”

  1. Have you ever tried printing postage at home and scheduling a pick-up by the post office? Postage is less expensive online and the pickup is free.

    Alex and I are looking forward to the zombie walk at Con Carolinas on Saturday. I’m planning to sprain my ankle intentionally Friday night for some extra authenticity.

  2. Oh my! I’m thinking/hoping that one of those signed copies was mine! Makes me feel kind of special in a way… can’t wait to read Wool 6! Thanks for everything!

  3. Glad things are working out, and here’s hoping the moving goes smoothly. What Matt said about the post office also applies to UPS. Either way would save you time and trouble. You should check on both of them after you get settled in Jupiter.

  4. Yay! (See? I’m commenting…didn’t want you to think it was all for naught!)

  5. I got mine a couple weeks ago, thanks so much!

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